Never Look Back - Chapter 1

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Never Look Back

by InterruptedAngel17

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A sad poem about death.

Stretched hearts pinned down with broken glass


Fighting for every pathetic beat


Living in the present, but constantly haunted


By the way things used to be





So now they face the truth


They didn't know that behind a convincing smile


Brewed thoughts of hate and pain, fear and death


A most fragile frame, praying for her last breath…





The ignorance they held tight to


Is suffocated by shaking hands…heavy tears


As they turn their back on their friend


Walk past the pile of roses





En Everest of petals to salute her beauty, commemorate her years


They don't have the courage to look back


To see how they let her fall


They will forever carry the burden of slaves





And those who stand by, are the ones who didn't understand


As they watched the coffin lower in her grave…


They all whisper…”She was so young, it's so sad.”


“I would have given her everything she never had.”





No…they didn't understand that now…


They live their lives mourning in black


But she…is gone…


And will never miss it enough to look back.

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