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The Loss of Innocence

by merenwen-vardamir

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About the main character of a story I'm writing. Myra Vincent the assassin finding her calling in life.

The Loss of Innocence

Night-time gathers and the forces of evil are exposed in their true form.

Sword and dagger flash, the moonlight glinting on their silvery surfaces.

Hold back!

A parry here and a quick thrust there.

Jump forward!

The fight is almost won.

Drive home your significant other. Bask in the butchery of your soul.

There is no going back now.

Step away!

Look down at your work.

You have defeated your enemy.

The blood that stains your hands is a blessing: revel in your newfound glory.

The sweat that gathers on your brow is not a nuisance, it is a privilege.

Store away your blade with love and care. It is your only friend.

Do not wipe the gore from its surface as it loves the feel of blood as much as you.

Walk away with your head held high.

You have found your calling.

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