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Cross My Heart

by Northstar

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Drabbles featuring adult Rin and Sesshoumaru as a romantic pairing.

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Chapter 1, Firefly

Rin laughed, smiled, and danced around him, confounding and bemusing him greatly

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=#= Firefly =#=

Rin danced around him, confounding and bemusing him greatly.

How could she have so much energy?! She reminded him of a summer firefly; beautiful, vivacious, and lively.

In an unguarded moment she leapt, encircling her arms around his neck. With a quick peck of her soft lips against his, she was off again, giggling madly.

He scowled darkly, unable to prevent himself from touching his mouth where hers had rested so briefly.

“Rin,” he scolded. “Do not do that again.”

She did it anyways and he let her, because autumn would take his summer firefly from him all too quickly.


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