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You saw her again..didn't you.

by PyroAshes

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a short drabble writtin during lecture. Inuyasha and Kagome have a talk about Kikyo.

"Oi. Lech, where's Kagome?"

Miroku turned, looking over his shoulder. "Inuyasha, I'm not a lech. I prefer to be known as a 'eroticist' "

"Hmph. Either way your a lech. You didn't answer my question. Where's Kagome?"

Miroku put a hand to his chin. "Hm, now that you mention it, I haven't seen Kagome-sama since you left to see ..her"

Before he had a chance to curse himself he felt a light tug on his haori sleeve. 'Kagome...?'

Her head was cast downward, her face wasn't visible from her bangs loosely hanging over her eyes. Leaving any visible part of her face, in shadow.

"Um..Inuyasha...may I you? It's...important.." strangely, her voice was low, and quiet.


Together they walked to the well, where Kagome sat, pressing her back against the old but still strong, wood of the connection between them.  Inuyasha couldn't help but notice that she was tense. Even though her face was still hidden, her voice couldn't hide the emotions.

"You alright Kagome? You...uh..don't seem like yourself"

A few moments of silence passed before she spoke.

"You went to see Kikyo again..didn't you."

The demanding question caught him off balance, but somehow, he remained his cool, and took a seat next to her.

"Uhm..wh-whaddya mean?" he crossed his arms over his chest.

'I should've known he'd try to deny it..he always does..'

"When we stopped to make camp. You suddenly took off."

'crap!' "Well..I..uh.."

She clutched her knees to her chest, her grasp around her knees tightening.

"Don't play stupid Inuyasha! You know exactly what I'm talking about! I could see the  Shinidamchu!"

He sighed. 'There's no point in lying to her anymore. She deserves to has the right to know '

"Kagome, look I'm sorry if I worried you, ok? I know how worried you are when it comes to Kikyo. But when I went to go see her, all we did was talk, I swear."

The tension never left her.

She moved he head, her chin resting on her shoulder. "M...May I ask..what you talked about?" she started to tremble, not wanting to get yelled at. 'please..don't get mad..'

He stared at her for a while. 'She's...she's trembling! But why? There aren't any demons around, except for me..' that's when it hit him. 'except for him' gently, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"Kagome, don't worry. I'm not going to get mad, or yell." her silence was soft, so he continued.

"Kikyo and I..well, to put it simply, I sorted some things out. I told her that she was completely different from the Kikyo I knew. There's no way I could go to hell with her, when I've still got people here that need me. There's someone here that needs me most of all. Someone I can't live without."

'Did he just say what I think he just said?!' gently, she rested her head atop his shoulder.

There was that smell again. Salt. 'what's she crying for? Damn, this woman is the biggest crybaby I've ever seen'

"What is it now? Why are you crying? I thought you'd be happy"

A quiet giggle escaped her mouth. "But I am happy Inuyasha."

He pushed her bangs up, away from her face.

"You are?"

she nodded. "mmhmm. So very happy. Arigato...Arigato Inuyasha..." 

The expressions on his face softened as he felt her body relax. Somehow his head found it's way to resting ontop of hers. The two stayed that way, watching the sunset.

Um. Ta-Da? Did'ja like it? Tell me honestly. Mm.


Oi: "hey" or "hey you"

Haori: a jacket worn over a kimono.

Shinidamchu: Kikyo-sama's soul collectors.
Arigato: "Thank you"

Comments/Crits are welcomed and appreciated.  Nan desu yo, Arigato!


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