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My Angel

by rinoa2530

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How would you take the death of a loved? This was written after listening to the song 'For my Fallen Angel' by My Dying Bride


`I promise I will never leave you. I will always be with you, no matter what. I promise.'

`Don't, please don't die. I love you, please. Don't die. I will always be there with you.'

`Don't die.'

The man sat with his beloved wife in his arms, she lay still, seemingly lifeless. He didn't know whether she was just asleep or whether she had died. Her blood seeped through into his clothes, she had saved him. Yet he felt nothing but regret, he should have been the one lying there, injured. He should be the one close to death, the one to be bleeding. Yet it was his beautiful young wife. The love of his life who was fighting to save herself. His eyes filled with silver tears as he clutched onto the one he knew he would miss. He knew he would lose soon.

“Please don't leave me.” He said, tears dripping down his face and onto her body. She had promised they would always be with one another, always be together. She would never leave, yet it was a promise she was about to break. She stirred in his strong arms, indicating she was still alive. The young woman looked up towards him. Not crying, not worried, it was if she had accepted the inevitable. She would die, and she knew that given her depleted strength she would not be able to survive. She was too weak to fight this pain she was feeling.

“Don't cry for me my love. I know I have broken my promise. But please, live for me.” She reached up and wiped away the tears of the man she had loved for so long. They had been childhood sweethearts, had pledged their love for one another. And now she was about to leave him, leave the world. She was to return to Gaia, the earth. The man couldn't contain his despair, he was about to lose the one he loved. He pulled the young woman into his arms more, grasping her with his muscular arms. He didn't want to let go, never wanting to see her leave. He wanted to get help, yet he didn't want to leave her alone. He didn't want to let her suffer in pain by herself.

Her breathing became more shallow and light. The man knew that she was near her end, knew that she was going to die right there with him by her side. He leant down and kissed her softly on the lips for one last time, as he pulled away she drew her last breath. She dropped lifeless in his arms, her hand fell from his grasp. His tears increased, he had lost his one true love. His beautiful angel, his kind angel, his mortal angel, his now fallen angel, she was now with the gods. She would become a true angel, that no longer felt pain. Although she was dead, he still held her, never wanting to let go. The tears from his eyes dripped onto her cold lifeless body.

“I love you. How could you leave me?” He said, anger and sorrow filling his choked words. They promised one another they would be together even in death. He kept hold of his young love, he wouldn't leave her until help arrived. He would never abandon her, even in death.

Her soul may have returned to the earth, but he felt as if she was still there with him, beside him. The tears that fell became more, he knew that she would never arise from the eternal slumber. He wouldn't hear her sweet tender voice anymore. He wouldn't hear her hearty laugh, it was a tragedy. A woman so young and full of life, to die right there in his arms. His lover, his girlfriend, his beautiful wife. At the age of just 20, she died.

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