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Not So Wicked

by puddingtreat

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Sometimes, things just aren't what they seem. Suggested Cliff/Albel, fluff

Random drabble I thought of, it's not very long

A short (suggested) Cliff/Albel drabble (yes, shounen-ai, male/male - though nothing happens). I wanted to write something cute and fluffy.

Constructive critism is welcome, but since I haven't wrote a fanfic in ages, please be a little gentle! I'm not too experienced. Flames will be ignored and/or made fun of.

Not So Wicked

It was late in the night when Cliff entered the inn in Peterny. He just came back from the tavern. Whatever happened, the Klausian did enjoy a good drink from time to time.

The woman at the desk greeted him as he went to his room. He didn't see anyone else of the party, so he assumed they were allready in bed. He went down the hallway while he counted the doors. He stopped at one, unlocked it and entered. The blonde wasn't very happy with the sight of his roommate; Albel Nox. He could distinctively make out the slender man's form in the moonlight. But the katana that was thrown on the chair betrayed his pressence as well.

The Ellicoorian seemed fast asleep, so Cliff chose to ignore him. He closed the door and walked over to the unoccupied bed in the room. The Klausian was allready taking off his gauntlet when he heard the other man shifting in his bed. Soft sounds escaped from his throat. It almost sounded like small whimpers and moans.

Cliff turned around and looked at the other occupant in the room. Albel was lying with his back turned towards him and had kicked off the sheets. He wasn't wearing a shirt.

'He's probably dreaming.' Cliff muttered, slightly amused that 'The Great Albel' would be capable of such a thing.

He wanted to take off his shoes when the Ellicoorian started whimpering again, louder this time. Cliff turned around once again. Albel was shivering, and Cliff doubted it was from the cold. The blonde walked towards Albel's bed and looked down on him. He now could see his face. His eyebrows were pinched, like he was having an unpleasant dream. A few droplets of sweat ran down his face.

Suddenly Cliff found it hard to believe he was looking down at Albel the Wicked. He looked so different without his weapons, the metal armour and those hatefull insults.

He actually looked human.

And so fragile.

So completely different from when Albel was awake.

Albel muttered a word and continued shivering. Cliff sat down on the side of the bed, studying the younger man. A slight smile appeared on the Klausian's face.

He pulled the covers over the Ellicoorian's body and layed a hand on his shoulder. It seemed to calm Albel a little.

Perhaps Albel the Wicked, wasn't so wicked after all...

And with that, Cliff Fittir returned to his own bed.


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