Non-Sense - Chapter 1

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by StarShade

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Is your head filled with non-sense?


Many others have walked this path, they found the light.

My sight is clear, yet I am blind and cannot find my way.

The path is overgrown with weeds, they continually slap my face.

My ears are open, yet I am deaf to the sounds around me.

The spirits of the woods call out my name, I cannot hear them clearly.

My heart beats strong, yet I am weak.

Many stretch out their arms to encircle me in love.

All I feel is calloused hands cutting off my air.

My skin is cool to the touch, yet my soul is an inferno.

The fire it seems will never be cooled.

My body has healed, the scars barely visible.

My mind is forever blemished and is filled with all this non-sense.

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