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Chemical Bonding

by spin-me-dizzy

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a twist on basic chemical facts. how can you sit through a class talking about chemical attraction and not seize the opportunity? nothing risque, nothing gained, eh? tell me if its too mature. its nothing explict, i just dont know what the standards are

im positive

im positive

you're negative

cause this attraction has to be

atomic drop the

tonic. I don't need you to blur

the edges this electricity

does it for us so just

leave the energy to me, we

will bond so tight we'll clasp particles

instead of hands

and im a pro

ton at this so you just

keep to your cluster

circuit buster

so i can get you from grounded

to excited.

now bite it. metal

conducts, so that ring

in your mouth just might

send me south

and im fine with cling, so

go on and sing

your static.

i might be new

tral to this

but i know

how to kiss.

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