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Heart of chocolate

by Yuuki

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This is a little DBZ fic I wrote for a challenge at deviantart. The theme was “fun with chocolate”. This is shonen ai (Vegeta/Goku).

Warning: m/m relationship

Disclaimer: I don't own DB/Z/GT

A/N: I hope there aren't too many mistakes. My sister has proof-read it, but like me she isn’t a native speaker. I’m open to all kind of comments and critique.


The morning sun was shining brightly through the half-open curtains of the little bedroom, bathing the only inhabitant in light. The person’s eyes were closed and he was apparently asleep. His hair was dark, almost black, but the sun revealed a hidden hint of maroon in it.

The man stirred and finally opened his eyes, just to shut and reopen them again. He cursed to himself. How dared those rays of sun mock him, the Prince of all Saiyans, at this early hour?

A quick look at the alarm clock on his nightstand told him that it was not that early anymore. Groaning he sat up and made his way out of bed. The only thing he wore was a pair of blue boxer shorts, giving the sun the chance to play with his nude muscular body, defining it with light and shadow, highlighting every single muscle and giving the impression of raw power.

Making his way to the bathroom the prince almost stumbled over something lying on the floor. His face darkened instantly, when he recognized it as a piece of clothing, an orange piece of clothing to be correct, carelessly thrown to the floor.

With cold eyes he raised his arm and pointed it at the heap of cloth. A flash of light and the only remnant of the garment was a charred spot on the wooden floor. He didn’t care about the damage and continued his way to the bathroom.


The shower hadn’t been as refreshing as he had hoped for and now the prince was sitting in front of a steaming cup of coffee at the counter in the small kitchen that was directly attached to a cozy living room. It was quiet in the house and his gaze wandered around and came to rest on the sofa – a sofa linked with memories and unwanted emotions. “No!” he shook his head. He had been foolish, and he would never let it happen again.

Something snapped the prince out of his thoughts. A powerful ki was right behind him. He reacted instantly, stood, turned and rammed his fist into the face of the intruder, even before the stool he had been sitting on crashed to the floor with a loud thud.

The uninvited guest was holding his hurting face with one hand, looking dumbfounded at the prince. Some blood was trickling down from his nose and he whined, “Uh, Vegeta, that hurts.”

“Good, Kakarot,” was the curt answer of the prince.

“And now go!”

His voice was cold; he picked up the fallen stool and turned back to his coffee.

“Oh, and if you ever feel to instant transmit here again, I will not only bruise your ugly face.”

That said he took a sip from his coffee and ignored the other Saiyan. After a second sip, he felt that Kakarot was still there. Annoyed he turned his head and eyed him up. He stood on the same spot as before, looking tired and sad – in short, he looked pathetic. And that made Vegeta angry.

“Leave, Clown! This is not your home.”

He registered Kakarot’s hurt face and hoped this was enough to make him leave. But it wasn’t. Kakarot focused his gaze on Vegeta and finally started to speak, “Vegeta, I ...”

But the prince stopped him, “No, Kakarot, just shut up and get lost! I never want to see you again!”

Now he was really angry; why did that imbecile not just leave him alone. He really didn’t want to look at those black eyes any longer, eyes that now glistened with tears.

Kakarot seemed to take all of his courage and whispered in a small voice, “I came here to give you this.” He held up a gift box with a bow attached to it. “It’s for you.”

The prince stared at it. No, this was too much, he couldn’t take it anymore. Anger consumed him. He snapped the box out of Kakarot’s hand and threw it at the nearest wall. It was almost like an explosion. The content was scattered all over the kitchen floor and the box was empty and destroyed.

“Now he will leave,” the prince told himself. And he was right. Kakarot put two fingers to his forehead, silent tears streaming down his face – and he vanished, finally, leaving only an empty spot.

Still angry, the prince crouched down to eliminate the remnants of Kakarot’s stupid gift. Now he saw what the other Saiyan had given him – little hearts made of chocolate. But now most of them were broken into pieces and those not broken were deformed from the hard hit against the wall. And there was a little card with Kakarot’s childish handwriting on it. Vegeta contemplated to just burn it to ashes, but something, something not rational, stopped him and he started reading:

For my Prince

I love you so much.
Please forgive me.



It was one of the most beautiful places on earth. The lake war surrounded by huge, old trees and birds were singing their songs, telling stories about the joys of life. Kakarot was listening to them, sitting on the root of a tree. He wished to be like them – happy and without sorrow.

It had been a week, a very long week, since the day he had sought Vegeta’s forgiveness, forgiveness for what he had done this one fateful day. On this day, he had said words, he regretted so much. But now it was too late, he couldn’t change anything. The prince hated him with all his heart and would never give him a second chance. It hurt so much. Never again would he see his beautiful deep eyes, never again would he feel his warm arms around him when he slept, and never again would he kiss those soft lips.

Loneliness was all left for him. Tears formed in his already red eyes and made their silent way down his cheeks.


Kakarot opened the door to his cottage and entered the lonely and dark place. There was no electricity in the middle of the woods and so he had to light two oil lamps with his ki to illuminate his little house. It only consisted of a bed, a table with chairs und a fire place to cook. But he wasn’t hungry, although he had only eaten one tiny fish at the lake. He was so tired and he only wanted to sleep. He undressed and right before he stepped into his little bed, something caught his eye.

There, in the middle of his pillow lay something brown. Curious he inspected it and was shocked when he saw what it was – a little chocolate heart. It was a little bit damaged, but still, it was a heart. How on earth had it ended up on his pillow? Maybe his mind played tricks on him? He shut his eyes for a moment and opened them again, but the heart was still there. He blinked and his mind searched for an explanation, but couldn’t find any, except that he was becoming insane.

He looked around for more chocolate hearts and found some on his blanket, on his table and even on his chairs. Puzzlement was written all over his face. This was a cruel joke, wasn’t it? But who would … There was only one name that entered his mind: Vegeta. But that was a really stupid idea, Vegeta coming here and putting little hearts all around his house? Maybe to mock him? No, that was not like him. But why then?

A flicker of hope awoke in him, getting stronger and finally telling him, that maybe, only maybe Vegeta still loved him. And there was only one way to find out.


Kakarot had not slept much this night, but he didn’t care. He shut his eyes and felt for Vegeta’s ki signature. The prince was at home. He took a deep breath and put two fingers to his forehead hoping he was right about why those hearts had mysteriously appeared in his cottage.

He felt a sharp pain in his face. It was like last time. Vegeta had hit him again and with it all hope shattered, leaving him defeated and broken. He had been foolish to think that the prince still felt something for a fool like him. He didn’t care anymore, may the prince kill him now or do whatever he wanted to do with him. He closed his eyes in defeat.

He felt two strong hands pushing him against a wall and then the prince spoke, “Didn’t I tell you that it is dangerous to show up here like that?”

Kakarot wondered what the prince had in store for him. He hadn’t killed him yet. Surely he wanted to see him suffer.

The prince laughed.

“Didn’t you have to say anything, Kakarot?”

Kakarot shook his head, but then he decided otherwise.

He opened his eyes and calmly said, “Vegeta, I know you don’t want to hear it and you didn’t believe me, but I love you and I’m so sorry for what I did. I only wish that I had never hurt you like that.”

Vegeta didn’t say anything, just looked at him and finally demanded, “Kakarot, shut your eyes.”

Kakarot did just that, he closed his eyes, ready for his end.

And then he felt something so unexpected, that his knees gave away. What he had felt were warm lips on his own and now arms, holding him to prevent him from sinking to the floor. This wasn’t real, was it? No, it couldn’t be, the prince was only playing with him in a very cruel way. But he didn’t mind, right now he only wanted to feel the prince again; he leaned into the kiss and let Vegeta enter his mouth, felt his soft tongue gently touching his own and playfully exploring his mouth. Kakarott felt like being in a dream.

Finally the kiss broke and Vegeta whispered softly, “I forgive you, Kakarot.”


The next day, the sun shone on two persons, both with dark hair, but while the larger man had pitch-black hair, the smaller one had a gleam of maroon in his. Both men slept peacefully together and didn’t mind that it was almost noon.

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