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Dark Truths

by Jereth Nian

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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Listen to me,

Not with ears,

But of heart,

hearken to my words,

and know that they are true,


My life is dark,

Mind so gloomy,

Heart sits cold inside,

And I know these are true,


The mask I wear,

Adheres to my soul,

Giving a semblance of joy,

And I know these are true,


You look on,

Shaking your head,

At my malevolence,

And I know that is true,


You say it's horrible,

To be suicidal,

But you don't understand,

And I know that is true,


You can't and won't,

Know why I am this way,

Can't fathom my emptiness,

My world is silent,

And I need you to know,

That the truth is dark indeed,


Know, feel, hate the truth,

But shy not away,

Give yourself over,

And life becomes easier,

To know what is true.

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