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Elegy of the Moon

by Jereth Nian

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Selene, oh beautiful moon,
How your radiance,
And silver majesty,
Dazzle in the long night,
Selene, how your light,
Caresses the form of lovers,
Secretly giving themselves away,
In a midnight garden,
Selene, most cherished,
Whose beauty can break the heart,
And whose soft light comforts the eye,
Even while you shine,
With dazzling light,
Selene, Maiden of Silver,
As our pale face,
Looks on at our sister,
Mother Earth,
Her children’s eyes,
Look back at,
Our dazzling light,
Selene, how the angels sigh,
As they are stricken by your radiance,
Which captures the heart,
Of every creature,
And outshines God’s light,
Which is dazzling the night,
Selene, so cold,
How cruel it is of God,
To have made such a beauty,
That can’t even fell the love,
Of the ones that gaze upon,
Your dead brilliance,
That dazzling might,
Selene, I lament,
M heart so full of love,
That aches with the burden,
Of grief, even as I look on,

At your dazzling light.

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