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Non-Believer's Christmas Carol

by VendrediPirate

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A Christmas song written by a non-Christian.

Do you remember when
Everyone had something you didn't have?
Everyone has faith, which I don't have
To tell me Jesus came to save my soul from sin
But there are two Christmases on the twenty-fifth,
One for Jesus, and one for Santa
There is no uniform thinking on this,
Capitalism, or religion?
But everybody agrees
That Christmas is a time for peace
and love, and family...


Does anyone realize how hard it is to be,
An atheist, Jew, agnostic, Muslim, Pagan?
God rest ye, merry non-believers
Happy Holidays, cause all we want this year
Is peace, and love, and family.

It's so hard not to believe on Christmas
Too old
To believe in santa
Too cold
To believe in Jesus
Trees in every window
Mary and Joseph on every lawn
Everyone warmly wishing you a Merry Christmas
But why are they so angry when you wish them Happy Holidays?


All the christmas specials on TV

Say the same thing every time they play

That Christmas is about one thing only
It's not all about the presents,
Nor is it a time for more Crusades
But about peace, and love, and family
How ironic is it that The Christians believe in a Saviour
Who came to save the world, the Prince of Peace
He came to unite us all and end all wars
Yet his followers don't believe in peace.



Happy Holidays, to every believer and non-believer.
Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and Hanukkah, and Happy New Year
May this time be one of peace and unity
No more wars, no more fighting
Let's make this season a happy season with cheer
Rather that stress and strife and tears.

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