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by ObsidianMist

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All I want for Christmas...

This stinks, on so many levels that I lost count, but it really does stink, no matter in which way I look at it. I already smelt bad when I'd first been told, when the call first came in, and now it's worse. I hate spending Christmas alone. I didn't use to mind, but I never had had someone steady in my life until now. It's recent, I think we're mostly friends more than anything else, but I just want to spend my time with him. Hell I'd even bought him something before I was called off, I barely had time to wrap it, but it's on his bunk, waiting for him with a note. An apology for not being there, if it even means anything, and to open when he saw fit.

It's not much, it really is just a small token of appreciation for his presence, for allowing me to stay there, I know it's not much for a lot of people, but it means a lot to me. All I could find on such short notice as I've never actually really celebrated before and the though struck me the day before the call came in, was a scarf. It's cliché, I know, he's likely to never need it, but I've been a lousy gift-picker and gift-giver up 'till now. I bought myself a small bag of seed for plants that don't need sun to grow, and very little water. I figured it would help me a little, I have a tendency for growing homesick quickly, I'm not used to being in space for long periods of time.

I was called early in the morning of the twenty third; they needed someone for a transport from one planet to another. Just one person, someone that didn't stand out too much; all things considered that company had fired me a few weeks back, maybe it even goes back a few months, but it was extra money and I have never been one to actually refuse a job. I lost track of time with my growing care for the princess (figure of speech, and he would probably have me sleep outside his room just for calling him that).

They needed me for the twenty fourth. Okay, sure, I knew the time it took for getting from one planet to the other, I'd be back in time, hell I'd be back before the day was over! Thing is, the agency never tells you who you're going to accompany. Packed a bag nevertheless, better safe than sorry and I always take something along, gave my notice, and left. Had I known I would fall on miss-prissy-I-rule-the-world-and-I-think-I'm-a-star... well I wouldn't have accepted the damned job. I've had the pleasure of working with her at least a dozen time, she kept on requesting me, kept on making advances, and I kept on telling her off in the nicest of ways possible. Don't want a bad review when you're starting up, and I did start up with her, god I wish I could go back in time and change the whole thing, it makes me cringe.

I slept with her once. I was twenty one, she was eighteen. She had the audacity of pulling the 'I'm pregnant with your baby!' shit a few months after we had that little slip, and that was because I'd refused her yet again after a far too long transfer. Tough luck for the poor girl, though I can get it up and make good use of it, my sperm count is rather minimal and even if I had my mad way with her a hundred times, she couldn't get pregnant. And she was thin as a damned toothpick back then, if she'd been pregnant, it would have showed, it didn't, there were tests, they started sending her to another watch.

Her name's Arianna. She's a sweet woman, really, but she's clingy. She'll cling, whine and whimper, claiming she's terrified while it's too evident that she's not. What saved me is that we weren't alone. What I wasn't told is that during the transport there would be a break on a station for a shoot. You found me most relieved when there was a photographer and her team along for the ride. I learned that the petite woman's name was Fiona, her aide Frederick. Though I was stuck at Arianna's side, Fiona made small talk and it eased me immensely.

We left the primary location at eight, we were supposed to leave at six but that was too early for Arianna, so we had to wait for her to wake, shower, eat, get dressed and onto the ship. We got to the station at near noon on the twenty fourth, disembarked; the shoot took seven hours because Miss I-bitch-because-I-can didn't like what the photographer had along for clothes. By then I was ready to weep, I'd been expecting to have been back with the crew by that time. Calls I tried to make didn't go through so it made me even more frustrated, really. I could have pulled at my hair. I don't know why I so desperately wanted to be with him. We weren't an item, we weren't intimate... I just wanted to be there.

It was only at nine that we boarded the ship again. I knew we weren't going to make it back in time. It was another five hour before we were at our destination, and the Bitch decided that we had to have dinner, I couldn't refuse because I was still on shift, we hadn't reached our proper destination yet. It was one in the morning, I was sick of it, I wanted to go back, we had a meal at a quaint but expensive as hell restaurant (good thing I wasn't the one paying) but we were there for another ungodly three hours. I was more than exhausted by now and there had been two people to fly the shift, they'd switched shifts, and I was the only one who hadn't slept.

Well Fiona hadn't slept either but I learned that she didn't really need to. So she kept me company during the flight, but during the meal it was just me and the damned actress, model, singer, whatever she did nowadays and I nearly fell asleep in my food. We got to the hotel and it was six in the morning. It was two more hours before I was back to the station, where the photographer and her aide were waiting, it seems I was getting a ride back with them and that was fine, I just wanted to crash and sleep, really.

I did. The moment we were on that ship I was out like a light in one of the new chairs. They were made to accommodate the body and reclined just properly. It was another eight hours before we were back on the primary planet. Nevermind that I still had to get back, and for that, I needed the coordinates, I didn't know whether they'd remained stationary or not since I'd left.

It was four in the afternoon of the twenty fifth and I actually didn't know where the hell they were. Then again, I had a tracker in the shuttle I'd taken when I left, so I really only had to set it find its host ship and I was off. I lost count of how many ours it took me to get back, all I know is that the twenty fifth had come and gone so had the twenty fourth, and I'd missed it. I'd have to make it up to him.

I really hate Christmas just now, why just an eve and a day? It was too little time. Then again no, I hate the agency for calling after they'd fired me, I hate Arianna for being a pain in the ass, I hate myself for not being able to say no when it comes to helping someone.

It was relatively dark by the time I came back, by the time I had the shuttle set and I was out. I was just as exhausted as I had been before the trip back to the primary planet, so all I could really think to do, was head to the observation deck where I usually managed to nap a little in peace.

Man, what I wouldn't do to go back in time.

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