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Evil In Men's Hearts

by knittingknots

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After the death of Naraku, an attack on InuYasha and Kagome leads to the discovery of a priest at war with youkai and hanyou, a mysterious Inu Youkai, fox magic, and a beautiful Kami who has plans of her own. I/K, M/S. WIP

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Chapter 1, Stink Pellets and an Ambush

Disclaimer:  I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi.

The Evil in Men's Hearts

Chapter One: Stink Pellets and an Ambush

Live in joy and in kindness even among those who hate.
Live in joy and in health even among the sick.
Live in joy and peace even among the troubled.
Live in joy and freedom as the Shining Ones.

----Dhammapada, chapt. 15

InuYasha woke up to find himself in a dark and musty cellar. The cool, dark room smelled of rotten cabbages and old pickle mash. As he came to, he discovered that he was pinned into a recessed alcove, warded in by ofuda and immoblized by another. He might have as well have been walled in by how much he could move.

He blinked and shook his head, trying to get his bearings and assess what was going on, but mostly he knew he had a throbbing headache from the attack, his nose was still half numb, and he had no idea how long he had been in this place.  His last memory before waking up in the cellar was of being attacked and her shrieking his name. 

"Oh Kagome, " he muttered.  "I am so so sorry."

There were some voices outside of the cellar, and his ears twitched to pick up the sound. The voices were followed by a thud, and suddenly the door was thrown open.

Light poured in from the outside. He turned his head to shield his eyes from the sudden change of light.  After a moment, he saw a backlit intruder enter, and as he came closer, resolve into the black and purple robes of an itinerant monk.  The monk hurried down the steps.

"Tired of the dark?" the monk asked.

"Don't you know it,” InuYasha  growled. “About time you showed up, Miroku. Get their damn stinking ofuda off me.  We got to go find Kagome!  No telling what those damn bastards have done to her by now."

Miroku quickly removed the wards around the alcove.  "I sent Sango and Kirara to go look for Kagome before I came here.  Kirara's nose is probably working better than yours right now."  He pulled InuYasha up and out of the alcove and removed the immobilization ward off of the hanyou's back.

Free to move again, InuYasha stumbled forward, caught himself, shook his arms to get the blood flowing.

"Want this?" Miroku  asked, handing InuYasha his sword.  " It was sitting outside the door. Thought you might miss it."

"You know it."  He  then unsheathed his blade and dashed up to the top of the stairs. "Let's go rescue Kagome and get the bastards that did this."

Kagome knelt on the bare earth in a windowless hut in another part of the village.  Her hands were bound behind her back, the rough hemp cord chafing her wrists..

Everything had happened so quickly.  She and InuYasha had entered this village, looking to buy some supplies, waiting for Sango and Miroku to catch up with them when suddenly, someone had used a stench pellet.  It worked just as well as the ones Sango carried.  Going off  right in front of InuYasha, he collapsed almost immediately.  She screamed out his name as rough hands pulled her away as men dressed as some sort of monks forced them apart, binding her hands and throwing her into this cell.  

It had been hours now.  Besides the rough handling when they separated the two of them, they had left her alone.  Occasionally, she would hear voices talking outside of the hut, and she had learned they were waiting on someone named Jomei. 

"Oh InuYasha," she whispered. "What have they done to you?"

"Yo, Danno," came a voice right outside of the hut. "I hear we got a good looker this time."

"Stop your daydreaming. Master Jomei will want her in good shape," came the reply.

"Wonder which brothel he'll sell her off to?" 

"One too good for the likes of you, I'm sure, although all of'em are too good for the likes of her." replied Danno. "Only fit to be a whore, anyway, being with that youkai.  She'll need to do some serious atoning."

"Did you see his ears?  Had to be a hanyou.  Bet you could get some youkai to pay for the privilege of putting him down."

His companion chuckled.  "Sooner he's put down, sooner he'll get a chance to make it to the Pure Land, that's true."

Kagome could feel her blood turning into ice water.

"Excuse me, friends," came a familiar voice.  "I think I detect an evil aura around this place."

"What the---"

Suddenly she heard thuds and the sounds of a short struggle.

The door flew open.


Amber eyes met hers, strong red-cloaked arms wrapped around her.  "Let's get out of here."

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