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by Cantare

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A collection of DBZ drabbles.

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Chapter 1, Apologetic



It came out more as a cough than a laugh, with blood clotting in the man's throat.

He was giving thanks. Why?

It should be an apology instead.

His grip tightened as he smiled. The man on the ground smiled back through smashed teeth and bleeding gums.

After such a long time, the fool still didn't know that his prince's smiles were always devoid of mercy.

With a swing of his arm and a wave of ki, he put an end to a twenty year farce.

A prince with no kingdom has no loyalties.

A/N: When I looked up a script for this scene online, I found that in the Japanese version he says "I'm sorry," but in the English version he says "Thank you." Interesting contrast.



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