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Love & Betrayal

by usc_inu

Libraries: Angst, Drama, InuYasha, Romance

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[COMPLETE] Kagome sees Inuyasha with Kikyo again. Kagome decides to leave the feuda era forever, but will Inuyasha be there in time to stop her? Plz R&R! threeshot. Lemon now posted! It is called Never Better.

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Chapter 1

Purrfect, it’s raining. Great, just great. It suits my sad, hurt self right now.” Thought Kagome, walking to the Bone Eater’s Well. She had been hurt too many times by Inuyasha. Not physically, but spiritually and emotionally. Seeing Inuyasha sneak off with Kikyo in the middle of the night the past few weeks, it hurt her. It hurt her so much to see Inuyasha with Kikyo, he deserved so much more. But the final stake to her streak-filled and wounded heart happened yesterday.


“Did you guys hear someone scream just now?” questions Sango.

Kagome and Shippo look up from her card game of “Go Fish”. Opening her mouth to reply, Kagome is interrupted by a loud fart from Sleeping Handsome.


“Where are all the naked, horny Sango’s?!” yells a half-awake Miroku.


(We interrupt this fanfic for an important announcement!)

Miroku: walks over to tomato-faced Sango

Kagome/Shippo: ….. watching Miroku

Miroku: glomps/gropes/huggles Sango. Turning on his heel, he runs away to his Sango Shrine

Sango: OO major blush

Kagome/Shippo: rolls eyes

(We will now return you to your fanfic. Thank you, please stand by.)


Kagome and Shippo look over at Sango, who turns scarlet red. “You baka, I’m not that good looking.”

Walking over to his goddess, Miroku sits down next to her. He gently lifts Sango onto his lap, whispering into her ear. “Don’t say that Sango. You are beautiful in your own, special way. You are like a goddess to me. I grope you because that is my way of showing you my love. Groping those other women was a boy’s fantasy. Now I am a man, a man that fancies a beautiful siren named Sango.”

“Do you mind showing me how that fantasy of your went?”

Giving his most lecherous, perverted, hentai grin, Miroku led Sango into the woods.


During this time that Miroku and Sango were flirting with each other, Kagome snuck away to go see who had screamed. Turning the corner of the path she was on, she stopped dead in her tracks, feeling as if the air in her lungs had been vaccumed out.

No, No, No! This can’t be happening!” Kagome frantically yelled in her mind.

----Flashback will be continued in Chapter 2------

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