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Black rose

by blackwingedangel

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a poem about a vampire who fell in love with a mortal. first and only poem I have written,don't know where it came from.


Black rose


Never raising my eyes from the road long gone

Having walked this road a thousand times

Will walk it a thousand more

Needing nothing more than your memory to light my way


 You lit a candle in my dark world

Warmed the hart which stopped beating so long ago

I never deserved your love

And yet you loved me, without conditions, without questions


I know you would have followed me into eternity

If I had asked

Knowing my kiss would bring eternal life to your body

But only death to your soul

I newer did


I will love you forever, my black rose, you whispered

As I held you tight

You never broke your promise

A mortals forever is so short


Standing once again at the place where we first met

Tears of crimson running down my cold white cheeks

Stillholding on to your memory

Your memory and a single black rose

A rose as black as my immortal soul


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