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Emo Poems

by cruffins

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A collection of my emo poetry.

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Chapter 1, Phoenix

Flying high, free, and bright

Flying high, free, and bright

Sunshine, feathers, air, light

Don't look down, might fall.

Keep smiling eyes above it all.

Just a glimpse couldn't hurt

Foretaste of dank, dark, and dirt.

Below are things only seen in lore.

Things only heard of before.

Must get closer to the scene

Wait, feathers are losing their sheen.

Danger here, must escape!

Don't succeed, much too late.

Plummet downward from the sky

Life flashes, flying proud and high.

Hit the ground hard, hearing death's screeching call

Darkness and flame consumes all

Tiny spark of life pokes up its head

Rejuvenated reincarnation of the dead

Echoes of its small cry

Awakes the hungry evil nearby.

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