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The Azure Chronicles #1

by PsychoKittyNet

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An epic tale about a Saiyan orphan named Azure who crashes on the planet Earth. What events await this young Saiyan? Danger or even perhaps, Love?

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Chapter 1

Somewhere out in space there is a small spaceship the size of a classroom. It contains a young Saiyan warrior. This is his story...

"Training in 20 G's will now begin" Stated the computer.

Azure felt his muscles twinge as the sudden change in gravity pulled upon his muscles. Azure was a young 16-year-old Saiyan who ran away from his orphanage. He is 5'8 weighed 200 pounds with azure blue eyes which is incredibly rare among the black-eyed Saiyans. He wears his black loose leather body suit with his black demon-hide boots and his long silky black hair that goes to the base of his neck has a golden, gem encrusted, yet old circlet in it. His long black cape made of the best linen he could find, which isn't saying much considering how poor he was. He had got all of this from the one man who cared for him while he was in the orphanage.

He was put in the orphanage after the king's men killed his parents for becoming too powerful. He feared they would start a revolt against him so he had his elites pick them off before they could raise a fist at the king. He never knew the man's name. He always just called him "sir." He was the one who told him to run away and he gave him this ship to get away from the pain.....the pain of having his tail publicly cut off as punishment for his parents sins and thus he is weaker without his tail.

Azure sighed, "I'm feeling hungry. Maybe I should put my sword up and get something to eat." Azure put his sword, another gift from Sir, in the corner next to the fridge and opened up the refrigerator.


"Mika! Mika! Oh my god! You'll never believe what I just heard!" Yelled the tall, blond, blue eyed girl down the school hallways. "You are gonna be like SOOOOOOOOOO shocked at what I just heard!"

"Yes, Lily?" Mika half-heartedly muttered to her best-friend Lily. She was a nice person but she was very hyper, which was real different from quiet Mika.

Mika was 5'5 and weighed about 110 Lbs. Mika had long, gorgeous chestnut brown hair and deep, soothing, chocolate eyes. She had fair skin and was soft to touch. For a 15 year old, she was pretty mature and always stayed cool in tough spots.

"You wont BELIVE this but .....LOUIS WANTS TO ASK YOU OUT!!!!" Lily yell-whispered to Mika.

Louis was a 6'0 tall 250 pound wrestling captain, Football All-Star, and worked for his dad's construction company so he had nice muscles...for a human. He had dirty-blonde hair and bright green eyes the girls drooled over. He was good looking and he knew it.

Mika was stunned, as she looked down the hall she saw him, his locker was next to her next class. She had time to talk to him now so she told Lily goodbye and walked over to Louis.

" Hey, Mika-chan, what's up?", he said in a seductive, yet casual voice.

"I...I...just ....wanted know and me...can...uhh", Mika stammered.

"You want to do something after school? Sure meet me at your locker after school. See ya Mika" Louis said.


"Ok. What should I eat?" said Azure as he looked through his 'fridge. "I think I'll have....this...just a small snack!", he states as he walks to the table with his arm's full of food. He then quickly devours his food and goes to the ship computer. "Yum! That was great!" He exclaimed to the computer screen, which he noticed was blinking a big red message. "Lets see what that says....'danger fuel low'...hmmmm... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Azure quickly ran to the controls to set course to the nearest planet. Earth. "All right here we go...."


Mika sat through her English class in total anticipation of after school where she would get to talk to Louis and maybe tonight actually get to KISS him! She sat staring at the clock just waiting to hear that wonderful, blessed bell to send her to the most gorgeous guy in school.

"Mika!" Yelled her Teacher, Mr. Hamm. The man was a tall balding man of forty with a huge nose. He was skinny and very gawky looking with his big, black-rimmed glasses he looked like your classic nerd.

"Yes sir..." Said Mika meekly.

"Pay attention to the things I'm telling you. If I catch you lolly-gagging again, I'll send you to detention" snarled Mr. Hamm.

"Heh, Lolly-Gagging,...she's gagging on a lolly pop.", remarked the blonde boy with a short hair cut and blue eyes.

"Todd! Keep it down!" Exclaimed Lily. Todd has been her boyfriend since the 6th grade. They really get along together.


"The Bell!" said Mika and out the door she went to meet Louis, The Ultimate Prep.


The planets atmosphere was burning up the ships outer shell and it was hurtling rapidly towards the ground.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Azure screamed as his ship plunged into a small island densely covered in forest. "Uhhh....Where am I" Azure pondered out loud. He explored the near by area and discovered nothing more then plants and small lizards. "I guess I'm the only intelligent life on this planet..." He was interrupted by a loud roar like that of large alligator....then a bloodcurdling scream.
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