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Good Morning, Beloved

by InuHanyouNikkie

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It's nearly the end to the Moonless Night and Inuyasha has a request to make of Kagome.

Good Morning, Beloved

Good Morning, Beloved

By Inu Hanyou Nikkie

Disclaimer : I do not own nor make any monies off of Inuyasha and the gang. No, that pleasure completely belongs to the Goddess Rumiko Takahashi. I am only using them for pure entertainment value.

~ The sky outside the open window was still dark, the sun has yet to arise heralding the start of a new day and the end to the moonless night. Inuyasha, still curled around the slumbering body of his mate Kagome, breathed deeply taking in the soft feminine scent of her body mingling with his heady masculine scent. He closed his eyes and nuzzled his nose back into her hair and sighed. They hadn't performed the actual mating yet, they were waiting for Kagome's birth control to take effect before they performed the ritual. But Kagome's mother, as soon as she found out about the couple's mating plans, went out and bought a larger bed for the two of them to sleep in. She almost picked them up a waterbed but quickly decided against it. Mrs. Higurashi wasn't confident Inuyasha would react favourable at all to it, and he does have those rather sharp claws . . .

How long was it; that he waited before he finally confessed, he thought to himself. Too long and almost too late. Kagome was about to leave him and from the looks of it for good.

But he finally broke down, taking Kagome to a beautiful waterfall surrounded by a field of wildflowers and Sakura trees. There amongst the butterflies (especially that one that wouldn't leave his ear alone, keh, stupid weak bug) he confessed his love to Kagome . . . in his usual tact of course. Maybe comparing Kagome to Ramen and Tessaiga was a bad way to do it but once she calmed down and realized Inuyasha was not making light or fun of her but speaking from a level he knew. Kagome understood it.

He needed her to nourish his soul and heart like he needed Ramen to nourish his body. Both had been starving from years, decades, maybe even centuries of neglect and abuse so that is why he always filled himself to capacity and then some whenever he could. He needed her to protect his hope, faith and heart the way Tessaiga protected his friends from enemies and him from himself. So many times he was broken while growing up, so many countless abuses he faced, so many countless rejections crushed him that when Kagome came she filled every crack, mended every broken piece, took the broken shredded wings of his heart's essence and with her soft words, gentle touches, tender looks birthed a new hope within him, a new reason to wake up. A love to live. A life to love.

Rising himself up, he wanted to be looking into Kagome's eyes when the sun's rays washed over them and his transformation took place. Pressing his lips softly to her cheek, he kissed her with butterfly kisses. Kagome stirred slightly and a special sweet smile that only Inuyasha was privy to see spread across her beautiful features as she slowly made the transition from deep slumber to being awake.

“Good Morning, Beloved. I want to see your eyes when I change.”

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