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Poetry is Dead.

by FantomFirefly

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I'm not normally a writer/endorser of poetry, but my Creative Writing professor seems to be in love with it and demanded I try my hand at it. So there you go.

I don't usually write poetry. In fact, I make it a point not to. Poetry is dead, tied down by the black-haired, blond-streaked youths, wrists slit by the witless adolescents whom "no one understands" and mutilated by the song writers and artists of today's pop culture. However, in light of my Creative Writing class, I seem to be forced into this uncomfortable corner against my own will. I shall, however, make the best of my unfortunate situation and attempt to pass with at least a scrap of dignity (and possibly a comment or two on paperdemon ^.^).

I keep the window open
not because I'm warm.
I keep the window open,
because I cannot stand confinement.
I keep the window open
not to save July's money,
or drain my January funds,
but to hear winter's whispers,
and to evesdrop on the summer rain.
I keep the window open
not to make you cold.
I keep the window open
to remind myself
that there's always another world
besides my own.

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