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Facade of love

by poeticallyxromantic

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All these poems are either about the people I adore or admire, which in a sense is the same. However my peoms vary at times.

every single word written through a perfect form
the words of love or a single crush
yet it still burns through my empty chest
razorblades ripping through my throat
leaving me dry of words to say

my sockets of vision
will fill to the brim with tears
but i'll find a way to surpress them
cause she can never know

and may be i'll get further away from this
thing i can call obsession or ever a sick form of love
but it doesn't matter,
she'll never look at me that way.

so is my life turning into a facade,
wearing a mask to every place I shall go
or just for when i'm with her?

all i know is,
with all her words and perfect form
those brown eyes she speaks of
are not mine, and those lips she dreams of
never were a part of me.

i guess,
i suppose
i'll always be weak for you.

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