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Blackened Fangs

by Jereth Nian

Libraries: Adventure, Angst, Fantasy, Gothic, Original Fiction, Series

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     He ran, head low, chest heaving with the effort of breathing.  He ran, on through patches of seething pale light and lonely shadows.  He ran, hating his pursuers for turning him into the quarry.  He ran, hating himself and his fear, hating the necessity of having to flee.  He ran , splashing through shallow puddles, around trees, and head-long into spiderwebs.  Thorns, dripping with mild toxins stung him and made him tear up in pain when he crashed into a spiny bush, yet still he ran, even as the pain drove him to the brink of madness.

     Then he tread on air and fell into deep crushing cold.  Before conciousness left him, a single tendril of thought coated in despair crept through his head, whispering Ara.

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