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My Poetry

by macabredeg

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I write many (dark and emo) poems and sometimes lyrics to songs I make up in my head. Please enjoy and give feedback. Thanx.

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Chapter 1, Changes


“Changes” February 17, 2008

You lye your head down on my knees

Sleeping tightly, I can hear you breathe in

Crashing through your chest, I beat fast

Feels like the ground will come apart

It shakes as it trembles on our skin

Since the last time I saw you, it seems beautiful

Your nose bleeds heavily and stains my hands

I thought this could be how you wanted things to be

Wish I could make it better

Make you see the world as it once was

But it has changed in the blink of your dying eyes

Can't see anymore, the beauty it used to be

My voice starts to faint and my hair in mists

Flowing away, the world will change

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