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Hidden in the Myst

by Northstar

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AVATAR Kataang. She is the first face he sees upon awakening from 100 yrs of dreams. He is the last hope she has believed in since she was a little girl. Together they walk the path of destiny with love an intangible bond between them. Collection of AangXKatara stories.

Chapter 1, Guiding Light

Guiding Light

Disclaimer: Avatar, its characters, copyrights, storyline, etc etc belong to its owners. I just write for fun.

=#= Guiding Light =#=

He has worn a thousand different faces, danced the cycle of the four elements a thousand different life times. On the spiraling path of his soul's journey, he is like the phoenix, a bright comet whose trail consists of all the lives he touches. His spirit is an irresistible, irrepressible force, part of the very weave of the universe. Countless souls chase after him, caught in the vortex left by his passage.

There are those few strong spirits, whether by chaos or divine intention, that circle with him through the cycle of reincarnation. Some ever opposed, some ever allied, they rally to the sign of his rebirth and so the dance begins again.

Only she…she is the one that comes before. Water to his Air; Earth to his Water; Fire to his Earth; Air to his Fire…

Sometimes she is the harsh teacher who leads. Sometimes she is the gentle sibling who follows. But she has always been there; the cool crescent light of the moon to the consuming flames of his sun. She is his stabilizer, his shelter, his support; his companion, his friend, his…lover.

She is his reason for fighting, and his reward at the end. Victory is never sweeter than her lips; and home is never farther than the circle of her arms.

She is his guiding light.


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