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by d-chimera

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An old, short story on one of my chars. Basically how she ended up being half demon. Just a quick write, nothing to special. Oh yeah, yes its furry.


“Is that her?” A male voice in a cloak asked. He pointed to a figure in a crystal ball.
“Yes it is.” Another voice replied. He waked over to a large screen and typed in a few numbers into the keyboard. The same figure popped up on the screen. She was looking at nothing really. Her apathetic gaze looked up at the sky, her foot bopping to an silent beat. She was a young strawberry tigress. A name popped up underneath her.
“Type her in.” The older voice said. The other figure typed her name in. A picture popped up of her on the screen.
Strawberry colouration
120 lbs
“No mate? This could work to our advantage.” The younger voice said. The older figure looked at the screen.  
“It could work.” he said.
I looked around. I felt as if I was being watched. I unplugged her my buds. I didn’t see anyone. I didn’t hear anything either. I ignored it. I thought for a minute. *hmm, that’s weird.* I thought. I got up and looked around. I started walking at a brisk pace. I thought I felt something behind me again. I jumped when I turned around, stepping backwards, landing on the bench, falling over.
“Let me help you up.” The jaguar said, offering me a hand. I blinked.
“No, no. I’m okay.” I said, getting up. I stood up and brushed her hands on my pants. “Thank you though.” I smiled. I turned around and walked away.
“So what’s your name?” he asked, catching up to me.
“Twyll.” she grumbled. “Okay, bye.” I said, walking away. He ran up behind me.
“I’m Jaguar.” he smiled. I just stared at him.
“How original.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Aww, I’m hurt.” he joked. I didn’t really pay attention. I was already walking away. “So, you live near hear?” he asked.
“Will you please leave me alone.” I replied. He looked genuinely hurt. I decided to walk away.
“See you around?” he called after me.
“What ever.” I replied. From that point I walked home very quickly, blood rushing to my face. *I’m never going to see him again, just forget him* I thought to myself. I felt my cheeks going hot. *Maybe I’ll look for him tomorrow* I mused to myself. I reached my hotel. I walked into the room. “Welcome home.” I said to myself. I sat down on the bed, turning on my TV. I watched the news, sighing as they spoke about another person found. This time it was a male gecko, about 15. He was found like several other victims, with a huge chunk missing out of his back. All his internal organs were found completely warped, squished and altered. As well, there was a foreign ingredient found in the DNA, common to the 36 other victims found. *Wonder’s who’s next* I thought to myself. I turned off the TV, sitting down on the hotel bed. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door.
“Twyll?” I voice asked. I sat up and cautiously opened the door. It was Jaguar. “May I come in?” he asked. I just stared.
“It’s 11:30 you know?” I asked him. He nodded.
“Yeah. So can I come in?” he asked again.
“…yes.” I said nervously. He walked right in, still in his trench coat. I sat on my bed.
“Mind if I take off my coat?” He asked.
“Not at all.” I said, he put it in my hands as I hung it up. I walked over to him and sat down. It was about that moment when I realized he was wearing leather pants. And that was it. I think I turned so red it showed through under my fur. I scooted away form him, wrapping my arm around my stomach. “Do you…umm want a drink or something?” I blurted out. He smiled at me I turned away.
“Not in the mood for a drink.” he said.
“ Umm…so why did you come by then?” I asked.
“I was following a map.” he replied, I looked at him.
“And you got lost?” I asked.
“No, I’m almost there.” he said.
“Where?” he scooted beside me, wrapping me in his arms.
“Here.” he said. I pushed him away and got up.
“I think you need to leave.” I said, looking aside.
“Twyll…” he said.
“Please?” I asked.
“I thought it wouldn’t come to this.” he put his hands in the air and shook his head. “Well, I have backup“. I backed up as he said this, up against the wall.
“What…” I felt him beside me in a matter of seconds. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my side, I looked down, a needle was gabbed in.
“Valium can be very helpful you know.” he smiled, as I fell into his arms, drifting into sleep.
I woke up and attempted to stretch. I felt restraints on my arms, I looked down and noticed I was shackled onto a lab bench. I looked around, my eyes adjusting to the light. I noticed I was in a room made of stone. On the wall across from me, there was a large computer, turned off. I suddenly noticed a man behind me.
“Twyll.” I knew his voice.
“Jaguar.” I spat back at him.
“I’d try being more polite if I were you.” he cooed. I glared at him. “If you try using your…femininity…you might just get out of it.” he smiled.
“Over your dead body.” I spat.
“Be more polite.” Another voice said. He walked in front of me. He was an older man, a goat I believe.  “Well, Jaguar, we have the host, let’s start the ceremony.”  They began chanting, as I just stared, as I tried to wriggle free. Suddenly a whole opened in the floor. “Jaguar, move her.” he said. He walked over to me, and grabbed me around the throat so I couldn’t get away. He got me off the bench and undid the shackles. I felt his grip tighten, almost strangling me. He re-shackled my arms, this time my arms above my head, attached to a chain at the ceiling. He did the same to my legs, attached directly to the floor.
“Well, I don’t mind you in this position.” he said, his gaze traveling along me. I spat at him.
“Jaguar, cut it out. He’s almost here.” I looked at the older goat. I saw a black hole in the floor. Suddenly a huge creature came through the floor. It glared at me, then smiled. “Jaguar, now!” he yelled. I felt a knife in my back, cutting through my spine. I shrieked. I suddenly felt the beast behind me.
“Asmodai, you may enter your host.” they both bowed. I felt it’s claws at my back, pulling my back apart. I screamed in pain as it entered my back. First the head, legs, body, back legs and tail. The wings stayed external. From there I felt it enter my blood stream. I wasn’t sure what happened exactly, almost like toothpaste being squeezed back into a full tube. I looked down at myself. My vision was much more crisp then it had previously been, although it was black and white. I wasn’t sure, but I think my fur changed colour to, to black stripes on white fur. I noticed large wings behind me. As well there were several black and white cords wrapping around my body. I went unconscious again.
“Dante, you have to go.”
“She needs guidance.”
“Thank you Dante.’
I sighed as I felt Jaguar taking another blood sample. I no longer cared what he did to me. I just sighed a lot. Suddenly he whispered to me, I braced myself.
“Twyll, I’m getting you out of here.” I just sighed. I suddenly smelt fire. I just shrugged as I felt him behind me. I felt my shackles release. Then, hands on my shoulders. I followed him guide me. Suddenly I realized what was going on. I just followed him. “We’re almost out.” he said. I noticed that To heaps in robes were on the floor. “Keep walking. They‘ve been drugged.” I looked around, as he walked in front of me, grabbing my hand. He opened a door in front of me. “Welcome back to the real world.” The flying fox smiled. I hugged him.

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