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Birth of Darkness

by Yukai

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A new king must be crowned, a new God of Death must be found, and the collision of worlds is sure to bring about the death of another supreme race.

Birth of Darkness

From my time spent with mortals, I have come to learn that the smallest spark of intelligence or difference is unimportant, but must be silenced. They fight one another. Murder, kill, slay in cold blood. They say it is what their 'god' has told them to do in their life--in their name. But as a god myself, I know none that preach such nonsense. Even the legendary Lucifer, who has been soiled by the names and beliefs of man. They follow their god blinding and say that he or she has spoken to them; informed them of their plans and future thoughts. But each time it is only their unwanted delusions or simple misinterpretations that is whispered into their ear, leading to a belief of one specific them or another.

However, for their lack of intelligence and, sometimes, their sheer irrationality, I have found few who are far wiser than their years suggest. Children who's eyes peer into your soul; see past the ties of flesh and bone. Grown adults who have a mental illness that speak in what seem to be riddles, when in fact they are greater truths. Usually rubbed off and thrown aside by their caretakers. To the people of this world, they do not understand just what beauty they have before them. As to their god, they still do not see beyond these mortal ties and continue to repeat and destroy everything around them.

For those few who have gone beyond this veil, this... hideous guise, I welcome you with open arms. You have passed your successors in what they have searched for their entire life. And you didn't even have to look.

~Adriel Irie Ronwe~

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