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Love's First Kisses

by NegativeZero

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A sweet poem.

I wish I could say what I want to say,
So you'll alwaise knoe that I care everyday,
I was too afraid too scared to even speak,
Cuz when I look deep into your heart I begin to feel weak,
That special smile that left kisses upon mai heart,
And that laughter that gave our loves first spark,
A simple hello became would you be mine,
On that one faithful night during our Valentine's,
You gave me your heart and you gave me your love,
But I never asked for anything more because it was enough,
I told you mai secrets and you shared with me yours,
As we slept by the fireplace cuddled up on the floor,
I woke up the next morning while you were still curled and asleep,
And I began to smile to thank God for what he had given to me,
And when you awoke you started to smile,
I was about to get up but then I stayed for a while,
I layed right back down and put mai arms around your waist,
And you fell back to sleep like you were safe in this place,
I began to brush your hair with the fingers from mai hand,
And then in a soft little whisper I said I'd alwaise be your man,
I kiss you on your cheek and you smiled with your eyes closed,
So I gave another kiss that made you curl up your nose,
I decided to stay and to sleep for a while,
So I would be close to that beautiful smile,
And when we awake we'll do it once more,
Waking up just to smile then going back to sleep on the floor.

© 2004 TimZ

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