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The Forever Land

by rhandimask

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An A/U in which Zarbon, no longer able to live under Frieza's fearful shadow, conspires with the Ginyu Force to escape the tyrant's grip. However, can he bolster enough courage to take the reins of his own freedom?

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Chapter 1, Prologue

Disclaimer: I make no claim to DBZ. I’m just funnin’ with the characters for a while.

Author’s notes: I recently re-watched the Namek saga (Ocean dub) and felt like breathing some new life into that particular niche of the fandom. Also, I’ve never written Zarbon with a prominent part before, so this is mainly an experiment to see if I can fit back into my writing chaps. On another note, this is cross-posted to There, I am Son Rhandi. Here, I'm Rhandimask. Enjoy?

"The Forever Land"
By Rhandimask


From the time that we are young and able to think in words, a road is set in place by our parents. This is the road that we first follow, as is instructed by our caretakers. As it happens in the lives of all sentients, that road will eventually fork. One is the road where things are good and safe, and that is mostly where we stay in our youth. And that’s fine. The other road is where bad things happen, where it is unsafe. Any decent parent will do his or her best to steer the child away from that place.

As it happens, though, the world is not so cut-and-dry, and we, in living life, discover that although the road will fork for a time, the paths will eventually cross. Sometimes, the good is swallowed up by the bad. Those paths intertwine, and sometimes, the two can’t be separated. I wonder, when did those paths cross? Zarbon mused as he plaited his hair just so. His shift was to begin soon, and his appearance had to be flawless, perfect…

A reflection of his lord.

Satisfied with the knowledge that every hair was in place, the Azureman exited his quarters. Dodoria was already there and waiting in the hall, slumped against the wall as he was ever morning. They gave each other a respectable nod, then made their steps briskly to their master’s chamber.

It wasn’t constantly that he thought this way, but at certain times, the notion would gnaw at the back of his mind. If those paths didn’t become hopelessly entangled, if the road signs had not been switched, if the roads themselves had not changed without his notice, could he have lived differently? Could he have been free?

The first rays of sunlight painted the chamber, coating the room an inviting golden red, a true irony given the atmosphere of Freeza Planet 13 in general. Facing the large domed window, he didn‘t even have to turn in his hover seat to know who had entered. “Dodoria, Zarbon, how good of you to come.”

The spiky one dropped to one knee and lowered his head. “Without fail, milord,” he said with full confidence.

Zarbon mirrored his partner‘s gesture. “Where is our place but by your side, Lord Frieza?”

Those statements, though, were ones he would turn for. His eyes half lidded, Frieza pulled his pink face back into a most satisfied smile. Whenever he saw his master’s smile, one that seemed to say, ‘you are mine, you belong to me.’ he would think, and he would wonder.


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