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Daughter of Iblis and the Monk

by Rudh

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Becareful of what wishes you make when you contract a djinn.

  Aching pain wracked his entire body. His brittle bones were sore as this burning sensation filled his muscles. He tried to sit up but that only made the pain coursing through his body worse. Each labored breath became harder to draw. He patiently waited the eminent moment of his passing into heaven. Yet there was nothing. He felt the warm perspiration dripping down his chill flesh, and soaking his black robe. The salty liquid that had dripped into his eyes stung. He closed and opened his eyes trying to blink it away. His eyes closed as his breathing became shallow, and he tried to meditate instead of focusing on the pain. He wanted to scream from the pain but even his throat felt too burdened to do such. His body felt cold with death yet still he lingered upon the cusps of life and death.

  Crimson smoke abruptly wafted into his nostrils with a burning scent of cinnamon and date palms. Across his black robed chest he felt sharp fingernails grazed across it. The ruby ring upon his right hand sent a searing pain upon the finger it rode. It was from this red ring that the crimson smoke emanated, and coalesced into a nude human form.

  A melodious whisper hissed seductively into his ear, “Long has this moment been in coming, monk. Yet in my eternal damnation it has been no more then a mere blinking of my eyes.”

  Dread and loathing filled the monk’s already aching body as he recognized the voice of one he had hoped never to hear again.

  The monk’s words came labored between agonized breaths, “Go….away.”

  Her sharp black fingernails pried open his eyes so that his pale sapphire orbs gazed into those burning brimstone eyes set in a complexion of a red deeper the purest flames of hell. Her voice purred with smugness, “Not this time, monk. We have a contract to conclude. You have two more wishes.”

  He struggled to speak, each word a dagger stabbing into his lungs as he snappishly told her, “I want…none…of your….devilry….and…blasph…emy, Daughter of Iblis!”

  In response, she only widely grinned, revealing her sharp canines. She chided him; placing the tip of her black painted fingernail of her index finger against his cold, blue lips, “Why not wish for an end to your suffering? You will not move forward from this moment until our business is concluded.”

  The monk’s hand struggled to rise up; holding his wooden crucifix up towards the Daughter of Iblis as he rasped in pain, “Be gone…..daemon.”

  Her scolding hot hands clamped down over the hand wielding the wooden cross. Almost immediately the cross burned at her fiery touch. Her voice crackled and whispered like burning flames, “Do not worship idols. Is that not a tenant of your Faith? But you’ve already broken so many what is a few more?”

  He had wanted to scream as he felt the flesh burned away from his hand holding the cross. Instead he hissed in annoyance at her words, “Silence…daemon!”

  “Me? A daemon?” She laughed darkly as though she were truly amused by this mortal creature. The crimson smoke swirled malevolently around her nude, seductive red flesh; temptingly obscuring yet accentuating the curves of her body. Her dark green lips so close to his as the female djinn lowered her face to the monk’s. Her hot breath granting a feeling of relief to his cold, dying flesh, “I am not the one whom slew a small child for a mere trinket that you now regret taking. Do you think becoming a monk will atone for your taint and sins?” She laughed darkly once more, and he longed to slay this creature of darkness and fire.

  She breathed headily into his ears as though she had read his thoughts, “Yes, you can try to wish for my destruction? I have never had anyone ask for such a wish. It would be amusing to see the results.”

  A deadly glint came into those brimstone eyes that made his body shiver in fear; despite the pain that further added onto what already coursed through his dying body.

  He vaguely remembered what had brought him to this hell, and the words were hauntingly clear to him even now on this boundary of agony between life and death. He had been so distraught that he had wished that he would not see the daemon until his death. The djinn had found some loophole in those words, and now had come to torment him during his last hours. Now he regretted his actions that day more then he had ever regretted anything in his past sixty years of life. He had been hungry and only wanted the ring to buy food with it. He had not intended to kill the child. It had all been an accident. Then he had made his foolish wish; believing himself safe.

  “Yes, keep telling yourself that to ease your pain.” The djinn mocked him in a whispery voice that burned in the monk’s ear. “I remember your first wish. It was a foolish wish, but I had granted it. Do you even remember it? Or does the pain now consume you so much that conversation is difficult?”

  The dark haired monk could tell that the djinn enjoyed his pain on many levels. He did not want to give it any satisfaction; but so little hope of not granting it what it desired made his body feel as though it were lead. The monk’s body felt so heavy to himself now.

  He uttered words in pain, “I…wish…”

  “Yes… Yes. What do you wish, little mortal?” Her sharp black fingernails dug deeply into his shoulders in anticipation.

  “I wish I had never come across that boy…. or your ring.” He had spoken with

his last agonized breath.

  A wild scream of rage and anger tore through that instant of time between life and death. Her body disintegrated into madly screaming, swirling red smoke that engulfed the dark garbed male. A blackness covered over the monk’s eyes as time flowed backwards to the moment before their meeting.






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