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by AiryFairy

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Cruxiatus was the fifth of six people to reply to a post I made and they got to pick the subject matter of a drabble I'd write. They wanted a cracky drabble that involved a handful of characters noticing Vaan's er... "special" attire.

“Who are you trying to fool?” Larsa asked.

“What?” Vaan blinked, looking down at the younger boy.

“If you want people to notice your chest you should just remove that vest all together.”

“W-what!?” The blond stammered.

“Larsa’s right.” Balthier grinned, striding up alongside Vaan. “I think Vaan wants people to notice his lovely nipples though.”

“I-I do not!” Vaan cried, crossing his arms over his chest. “You two are complete nutters!”

“Then what do you wear that vest for?” Larsa asked. “It serves no purpose. It barely counts as a piece of clothing. All it does is draw the eye to your upper body.”

“It goes with my pants!” Vaan replied, quickening his pace to leave the pair behind.

“It’s not that smart of a match actually.” Balthier said, catching up with the blond once more.

“What would you know about fashion?” Vaan snapped.

Larsa stifled a giggle behind his hand.

“I know a lot more than you, boy.” Balthier replied, knowing that “boy” would really dig under Vaan’s skin.

Vaan’s reply was a bunch of indiscernible splutters (and possibly a few rude curses) and red patches appeared on his cheeks.

“I agree with Balthier.” Larsa said. “His outfit does flow more smoothly than yours.”

“Why thank-you, Lord Larsa.” The pirate smirked.

“Both of you… nutters…” Vaan muttered, running forward once more to walk beside Basch.

Balthier and Larsa smirked at each other and let the blond go on ahead. Basch and Vaan walked in silence until the teen looked over at the former knight.

“They’re right you know.” Basch said, barely containing a grin.

Vaan’s cheeks flushed bright red. “Fine!” He yanked his vest off. “Fine!!” The blond tossed the piece of clothing up into the nearest tree. “There!! Are you guys happy now?”

“Immensely.” Balthier replied.

“Quite.” Larsa giggled.

“Mn.” Basch smirked.

Now feeling quite exposed and bare Vaan looked back longingly at his vest before huffily crossing his arms over his chest and hurrying ahead of the entire group. He’d buy a better vest in the next town. Behind him, a wolf whistle sounded.

“Not a bad view from the back either, Vaan!” Balthier called.

“Bastard.” Vaan muttered darkly.

He didn’t turn when he heard footsteps coming up behind him and soon the dratted sky pirate was walking beside him again, a Cheshire grin on his face.

“You know Vaan, if you were hoping to catch a certain someone’s eye I assure you they noticed your overexposure… among… other attributes.”

Vaan shot a dirty look at the brunette and kept walking.

“I must admit it’s not the manner of booty I’m accustomed to plundering, but I’m sure I’ll manage.”

The blond felt a randy hand squeeze his bottom and Balthier only had time to half-smirk before THWACK! Stars and colors winked before the pirate’s eyes as Vaan gave him a smart whack across the head with his Battle Bamboo.

“I’m trading places with Fran at Mt. Bur-Omisace.” He muttered, shoving the weapon back into the band of his pants and leaving a smarting Balthier behind.

“Came on too strong, sky pirate.” Basch said as he walked by. “I’ll show you how it’s done soon enough.”

Larsa just muffled a fit of laughter behind his hands as he followed the older blond.

“The hell you will, Basch.” Balthier grinned, rubbing the sore lump on his head before catching up to the pair.

The end! (Balthier you cad XD)

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