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A Study in Insanity

by SilverEmerald-DAS

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What you get when you stay home sick from school, sleep 'til noon, play Majora's Mask for two hours, watch Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, and read "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" at 1 in the morning whilst having very morbid thoughts of nuking the school the next day and possibly mauling your most-hated teacher to death. It is what it says. Make sense of it if you can.

Shall I go, and slick, and pivot
From the Madman's earthly visit
Destitute and dry
'Til the men and children cry
Black and dark and solid
And hollow white and whole
Senseless and ridiculous
Measured and meticulous
Blue and white and green
Not a one knows what I mean
Here it goes
No one knows
Not a rhyme to sense
But a madman's cheerful plea
Or a child's woesome laugh
Here it is, alone and dark
Sad and happy.  Bright and stark
Drowned and dead
In piss that smells of vinegar
Nameless winged things in flight
Men in black
And women in white
Cold, and terrified, and bright
Here it comes, that which I know
Splash of blood upon the snow
Here it goes, that which I fear
The thing I'm desperate to have near
Bright like gold
It gleams like silver
Statue raised upon a pillar
Senseless beauty
Pretty, why?
No more useful than a fly
Sure enough, it brights the eye
But what purpose other has it
Save to save us from our habit
Of constant motion
Not a notion
Life snuffed out, no need of potion
Here it is that world we live in
Hang on desperate, lest we give in
To the pain and to the sorrow
That is brought by every morrow
Long it goes and long I creep
Past the multitudes that weep
Past the multitudes that care
Or pretend
Although they don't
Well pretend, be sure I won't
Blue and sparkling
Green and veined
Yellow against the windowpane
Black and lifeless
Red and fluid
White as angels
Orange as orange
Dares no word to rhyme with orange?
Care they not,
And cares it not
Lifeless corpses like to rot
Long it goes against the flow
'Til the current's like to slow
But slows it never, speeds it on
Chasing some uncoming dawn
Sprawled forever in the black
Tells you I, no turning back
Struggle on as long you will
For it takes you if you still
Catches you if yet you flee
Dare you face it, sets you free
Chuckle, snicker,
So I see.
How to be, but death is free.
Spider spinning in a web
Time will flow, and time will ebb
Long ago and long afar
Whispered to some ageless star
Peeling posters on the wall
Long held up, so soon to fall
Blood or paint to splash the canvas
Lies abound
Deceit is rampant
Flies buzz upon the windowsill
Know you that they bear you ill?
Humans hurt and humans feed
Humans are alive with greed
Beast rise up, consume them all
How I long that race to fall
Give back to the unoffending earth,
Relinquish the place of our unsuspecting birth
How do you call yourself a man?
Man is a guardian.
You are a killer.
May the world take you down
Destroy you all
How short a space you have to fall
Top of the food chain
Bottom rung
Of the ladder on which the rights are strung
By birth you think the earth is yours.
Filthy humans.
Filthy whores.
Go, now.  Dare you to stay?
Death take you, pitiful wench.
I hope you drown in your factories' stench.
What will you do when the earth is dead?
Skin her, too, to line your bed?
Black the night and white the day
Filth, horror, stench, decay.
What think you of hell?
What think you of heaven?
Perhaps you're wrong.
Perhaps you're all wrong.
Maybe the murderers are granted eternal life.
Maybe the benevolent burn in the pit.
Dare you say humans are worthy?
Dare you say God bears likeness to your wicked form?!
The gods have no form.
Did they, it would not be yours.
But gladly they will take yours.
Gain your trust.
Snuff you out.
Allow you in your desperation a heavenly kiss.
Let you think you've got your wish.
Cast you shrieking into the abyss.
Fangs at your throat
And nails in your side
Revel in screams that never subside.
You are wicked.
Repent if you will.
You cannot fight your urge to kill.
In every truth I find you lie
With all your joy you make us cry
Dare you call yourself good?
Dare you wonder at the face of god?
Look on your lords and be contented
As you roast in hell,
Did you think you'd repented?
Know only your words are wicked and true
Bright and shining, jagged and cruel
Man is a knife in the side of man
Man is a thorn in the paw of God
Man is the gristle in the teeth of the world.
You mortals disgust me
You sicken the world.
Long ago this race was good
Lived nude and innocent by river and wood
Ages past you all were pure
Now every one is rotted and dark
Now every one is blank and stark
Each the same,
Each one different
A thousand cells of flaking skin
A thousand pimples on the flesh of the earth
A thousand boils that stain the dirt
Dotted among are the diamonds and gems—
Crushed one and all by their so-called friends
Sure there are humans still clean and still pure
Sure there are some untainted and white
Sad that these few are unknowing and kind
Sad that the fools do not know how to fight
One and all they'll be tainted or killed
One and all 'til the spaces are filled
One and all you will snuff out your light
One and all 'til you kill what is right
I pray for the sweet and I pray for the kind
I pray that you die by your own poisoned mind
The benevolent one day may rise to the top
But not 'til your actions are put to a stop
Evil being, die in pain
Writhe in agony
As you are slain
Serpent, killer, soon you'll be dead
As the white drop their blades and cleave off your head.

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