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Puppet Show

by SilverEmerald-DAS

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What makes a person a puppet?

I'm just another character
In your puppet show.

You pull a few strings
And I'll do what you ask
I won't even argue or plead.
Cuz you are my master,
My owner, my god.
If you hurt me, I'll try not to bleed.

I sit here in my box
With your other toys
And I pray that you'll take off the lid.
And take me on out
And move me around
A lot like the last time you did.

And first I was shiny
And pretty and new;
You played with me gently each day.
But I've lost my luster
And you got quite bored
Then you yawned and you cast me away.

And now here I am
All tangled and torn
With the socks and old books in your closet;
But I'll wait for you here
Not a moment goes by
I don't ask if you've thought of me yet?

I can still see you there
Putting on a new show
With the new toy that came in the mail.
She dances and sings
As you pull on her strings
All at once, I feel my hear quail.

For she then to me turns
And finally I know
Yes, all at once now I see
Her baby blue eyes
And red painted lips:
Ah yes, she's more pretty than me.

And I watch as you play
With your new little doll
Who listens to all your commands.
She speaks with your voice
And looks through your eyes
And moves at the touch of your hands.

But then there's a box
With a pink bow on top
I wonder, 'Now what could this be?'
It’s a prettier doll
And without second thought
The last one gets tossed in with me.

And so come more dolls
And more after that
And many toys get thrown away.
But somehow or another
I always am missed
And here do I wait 'til this day.

This day, yes it's come
A box slips aside,
I see you and yes! you see me.
You pick me up softly
With tears in your eyes
For a moment, we both think I'm free.

But my strings are all snapped
My clothes have all rotted
I've chipped paint, and this crack's awful bad.
You buy me new clothes
String me up with new twine
But I'm missing the life I once had.

You cast me away
And what's done is done;
I forgot what I'd been waiting for.
You've loved and you've lost
And though I loved you then
I realize I don't anymore.

So you pull on my strings
But I move how I want;
You've lost all control you once had.
You watch me wave goodbye
And walk out on my own
No longer unwanted and sad.

You'll go back to your games
And you'll get newer dolls
With long lashes and red lips all pursed.
But you'll never forget me
Or what we once had
For above all, I was your first.

I was just one more puppet
In your little box
An occasional source of your fun.
But I've found my own feet
And undone all my strings
What we had is now over and done.

I do wish you well
Hope you're doing great
As for me, I am doing just fine.
For I've found my niche
I've got all I could wish:
For my life is just that—it is mine.

And I'm no longer just a character
In your puppet show.

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