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Dark Aura

by SilverEmerald-DAS

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How Battle City might have turned out if just a few things went differently. OC-centric; linear with the Battle City arc.

Chapter 2, Remind You of Anyone?

"Now, my Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, attack Felix's Panther Warrior and drain her Life Points!"

"Not so fast!"  Kaiba's brow furrowed.  Felix continued, "I activate Magic Card Multiply, and use it on my Kuriboh!  And since Kuriboh is in Defense mode, I lose no Life Points from your Blue Eyes' attack!"  Kaiba growled in response.

Yami and Yugi, on the other hand, blinked as one several times.

//...It seems we are not the only ones who find that to be an effective combination.//

I guess not.

"It's my turn, Kaiba."  Felix drew.  "There's nothing I can do this turn.  Make your move."

Kaiba drew.  A smirk crossed his face before he placed his new card face-down.  "And since I’m feeling generous, I'll end my turn here.  Go, Felix.  Make your feeble attempts to save yourself."

Both Yugi and Felix raised an eyebrow.  What's he up to?

Felix drew, and though her expression did not change, the skilled among the duelists could tell by the glint in her eye that she wanted to leap for joy.  She looked up at her opponent.  "You're good, Kaiba.  I suppose we will soon find out how good.  Go."

"Fine then."  Kaiba drew, but barely looked at the card.  "Blue Eyes, attack!"

"What are you—?  Kuriboh, defend!"

The furry living wall went up, and the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon's blast connected in a massive explosion and a rush of smoke.

"Kaiba!" Felix called through the holographic fog.  "What was the point of that?  Even your Blue Eyes can't destroy every Kuriboh I have in play!"

"Guess again, Felix."

The smoke cleared, revealing—not a single one of the little brown monsters left on the field.

Genuine horror showed on the girl's face.  "What?  How?"

"Because when I ordered my Blue Eyes to attack, I also activated this facedown card. [Magic Removal.  Normal Magic Card.] And I targeted your Multiply."

Felix looked from Kaiba to her own side of the field, then to her graveyard.  Sure enough, she found her Multiply there, right beneath her Kuriboh.  Without the ability to multiply, Felix's Kuribohs had been slain one and all by Kaiba's Blue Eyes.

"Take your turn, Felix.  There's nothing that can save you now."

The girl drew, and suddenly began to laugh.  "Guess again, Kaiba.  I play Kuriboh in Defense mode!"

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