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Midnight Snack

by dwsulliart

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short fable

Midnight Snack

Ralf and Franz loved to stay up late at night with their friend Mendy. One night they were all hanging out like they usually do when Mendy's tummy rumbled out loud.

He licked his lips and said, "I guess I need a snack."

Ralf and Franz shot sly looks to each other then turned to look at Mendy.

"You need more than a snack, you're too skinny." said Ralf

Franz agreed, "Yeah, mice should be fat."

Mendy protested, “I’m fat enough to be happy and skinny enough so you won’t eat me.”

“Get as fat as you want. We don’t care. Mice taste bad anyway.”

Mendy heard the words the cats said but couldn’t believe his ears. They didn’t care if he got fat! This was good news. So he set about eating all the cheese in the house. When he was done he waddled past the sleeping cats hoping to get to his hole before they woke up. He was stopped short by a big fuzzy foot blocking his way.

Franz slowly opened one eye. “You’re still too skinny. Go eat the cheese in the neighbor’s house.”

Mendy thought that was an odd comment, but oh well, it meant more cheese. So off he went. Room by room. He was having such a good time he didn’t stop with the neighbor’s house. On and on, house by house, until all the cheese in the town was gone. Pretty soon Mendy had eaten his way around the world. He was so big now that those cats couldn’t eat him if they wanted to. He looked around, then up, and with one big jump he landed on the last piece of cheese.

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