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Love and the Lake

by Cyber Petals

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A Girl and Her Love


His from the water
Mine from the air
Happy days
Usually what we shared

A smile to him
He looks at me
Though he shows no emotion
I can tell he’s happy as can be

He dances in the aqua
I giggle in glee
He twirls in the water
He begs me to see

A hand on the surface
Against it I press
Love in my eyes
And love in his

But another appears
Unique and elegant
And without a day’s hesitation
Away my love went

It was all very late
We heard not a sound
All were at home
I was not around

So the next day I went
To my little love’s home
And called out to him
But I was alone

And as I approached
All I saw remained
Was my baby frog’s skeleton
And the devious beta
Proud in disdain


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