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Just Like Me

by Cyber Petals

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I can't stand her...


The fights had forged on and on

There was simply no way of them stopping

It was clear to me their love was gone

And among men my mother was hopping


And though it sounds like my mother had cheated

My parents had technically split

For my father my mother’s feelings had fleeted

And my father didn’t try to stop it



Still my parent tried to take care of what she created

Though she stayed with her close living sister

She lost trust of men because of those she had dated

And I quite honestly doubt that they missed her


My sisters and I lived only with my father

Well, at least only with him at will

I myself tried to only have to visit my mother

For me she just didn’t fit the bill


But of course

I was forced

To spend time with her


‘She’s your mom,’ they said

 ‘Well, I’d rather be dead

 ‘Than have to remain so often with her.’


And here I still am

At my mother’s computer

Typing this out

Nothing to do that’s any better.


And to be quite plain

All I feel for her is disdain


And it’s quite clear to see

The reason for this be


That I’m nothing more than I second she




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