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by Bard

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A modernized version of the German tale, edited a little so it fits into my own little Universe


            Before Sean would lose flavor in his gum, everything he strived for would be obliterated. His thesis on Nostradamus was going along perfectly when he began to fathom the depth. It was a well-written essay and there was nothing it lacked. Moreover, it would get him into any college he wanted.

          Sean Faustus had led his seven-teenaged years to the whimsy of divine knowledge. His life was to learn and gain the Forbidden Fruit. It began with two years under his belt and led him to nothingness. What turmoil that must have been; knowing that path to knowing was not through science but that that dark twilight of superstition.

          “The knowing that I know fairs better than this! Who truly scales this droll mount of lies? To get a point, my own Adversary dare now shine the light from the heavens to show me again how I have failed. Like the winter’s snow, fresh and white in the cold air violently shattered by the dawning sun, my spirit has melted. Beside myself, my great grandfather was the greatest alchemist in the world. He was denied by the Logos of God! Now where am I? This very square is where I started all those years ago,” Sean eyed his father’s study with brimming hate. He then spied the stiletto letter opener. The flames of self-hatred plumed higher as he picked it from its rest. “Do I dare take this speedy train to hell? If the way to absolution is not in reality then it must lay in the beyond!” Sean’s voice raked the coals; his hand raised the thin dagger in the air to sacrifice his life to the knowledge of death. It would have been seconds had it not been for the mirror. When the vain Sean Faustus looked at himself and how his emotions distorted and uglied his face his rage died. “A meager feeling cannot be this good.” The knife fell from his hand and kissed the marble floor. “Damn all knowledge and the Architect for placing it on my head.” Sean eased back as the air broke with a musty voice.

          “My lord, your sire has ordered a car for you.” Sean clearly settled himself.

          “Send the car back without me, Wagner. Tonight I wish to be alone.”

          “You may wish it but I am going nowhere. Now, get a more modest mantle and we shall celebrate that you have lasted this year.” Sean scoffed and did as instructed to but kept his mind for the darkest thoughts.


          “I shall hold no leave of this bargain. I lost far too many of those wicked ones to deny this pleasure. Job and he are bright indeed but recount the number of stars while I prove you wrong.”

          “A calamity you are, old friend. We have sided at all times to prove such a wager deadly. A prophet and a creature is in his path, is it not them you truly seek?”

          “Alas, al-king, those are your pets.”


          Brimming on the edge of grass, Faust and Wagner stepped away from the parked path to the door.

          “Blissfully operatic.” Wagner had the notion of such acts of age but he had not aged a day in the eyes of his charge.

          “I rarely ratify a scene revealing a man as a giant cockroach.” To be fairly dubbed, Faust had only listened to such a piece. The focus of his eyes could tell the black spot in the crowd was not an empty seat. It was none but the first and only moor ever to set foot into Opern Haus. Sean was not at all racist but the view of such a skin was the sign of Faust’s darkest fear: change.

          “I beg a pardon but it is upon dawn and I must retire for the eve. Ring when it strikes you.” Wagner slipped away with a prolonged bow.

          “At a sad pace, this fledgling banner descends. Alone I am again with despair in my heart. In this room, I had all the perfect remedies. Books of Gods and Devils, Goethe, Marlowe, even works done by Alghieri and Milton but what could lift this shroud?” Faustus held fair to the waterbed as brimming brashly behind the board a menacing snicker bore.

          “There, there, highly schooled genius. Bring no woe to thee but know this and how down you are, bitter smiles butters in. For me, you’ll see that fools will die. Below and above, I have come to offer you a trip to your dreams for a tiny piece of loyalty.” Little by little a strange light ushered forth the dark man.

          “How in earth-?”

          “I have my way around your system but what should be asked is yes or no to my question.”

          “What was an implosive act one should do for you?”

          “Perfection is meek and the fiddler has died so what I say is a tariff to your woe. Brighten that frown and the words will ring ‘take me master’.”

          “I am servant to no one.”

          “You are a slave to the work of the Creator himself, whom you and I share a qualm.”

          “I have no hatred for my Father nor can I share anything with you.” The darkness chuckled.

          “You and I strive to be a God and you were knocked back with a fly gawking. I fought for him and grew to rash but now the chrono-set has stopped at six and you must come with me now to the Styx.”

          “I dare not go but what evil bid me on?” Faustus vanished in the shadows of memories and through the front gate.


          Beneath a rough, nightly painted roof, the two drove the concrete snake.

          “Do you swear your life to me?”

          “Lord, I cannot ever know knowing your name.”

          “My name is Mephistopheles. This land I ride with a devilish fright about me, cast off these shackles of law, did I.”

          “Pretense, pure pretending, you must be mad if you think that I am not as powerful as you.”

          “You forget that you have nothing but what your step-father has.”

          “Millennium Corps is what my father does, not what I do. I care not for the arrogance of running a corporation.” Mephisto made a smoke ring with the cigarette.

          “That is all well and good but I care little for that. What I will is the aging passage of time and the growing army of my blooded brethren.”

          “Such a quest! What if I should refute?”

          “You won’t. My deal is plain; I ask for your eternal allegiance and I shall get it at the price of a moment.” Faust put a piece of gum in his mouth.

          “What moment would that be?”

          “A fleeting one. For fealty to me, the counter is one moment when you feel you want to last eternal then loyalty to me is not denied.” Sean searched in the confined passages of his mind for the answer.

          “Like a dog in a lightning storm, I am your man.”

          “Excellent. You may find that along the way I won’t be there for five minutes or something but as long as you just call my name, I’ll be there. Now, how about a pint?”


          Liepzig, Germany; a ravenous toast to all thing searched for. Auerbach’s Cellar was where it could all be found. The pair had been but two hours when the youngest spoke.

          “We should go now. I feel revolt for this pure drink.”

          “Mystics call it fair, drunkards call it ale and witches call it brew, but you forged a hate against it for good. You see, although knowing quite about this tonic, the thing you miss is a fair maiden besides you. Chaste with her legs spreading with each shot. What you lack is control.”

          “Control of what, if I may butt in?” Mephisto hung his arms around two petite innocents.

          “Your butt beckons a shunt, Sean. You’ll understand with age that what one wants is his senses full both Meta and physical. Beguiling drinks truly take that away, doesn’t it?” One of the girls holding Mephisto lit a cigarette and handed it to her master of the evening. “Or just step outside, I cannot promise to be out soon.”


          Between breaths, there were curses; curses on people and things to come. He could not continue this exploit as long as it meant his health. Sean had kept himself in perfection since the men on his late mother’s side never saw the night of their 20th birthday.

          “Whether I wither away by next month or God saves me, my likeness shall enforce this world. One person is all it takes but who? What wondering eyes…” The rant died with the anger. An angel walked down the street with intense weights on the eyes. Sean was bound to her; as she stepped, he followed. What bothersome chain did this? He wanted desperately to run but it wouldn’t let him. She stopped and saw him there and nearly ran.

          “Hello?” The woman was not German, which shocked Sean a little.

          “Hi… I’m sorry for this but I saw you walking and-” This was strange. The ripping toil for perfection lifted and added to his dimming wit.

          “You thought that you’d be brave and try talking to me?” She smiled with a radiance that could only stunted his intellect more.

          “So what’s your name?” Faust cleared his throat. For a moment, the world was back as it had been and he was in his bed asleep until her name.

          “Rachel Celeste… who are you?” She looked very happy, even with a total stranger.

          “Well, I’m…”

          “Sean, where’d you go?” Mephisto tightened his leash back to the past. Faustus hung his head and began to turn. Rachel delightfully held her hand out to bid him a fair parting. He, being Faust, let out a sigh and kissed her hand. Her number was well written and her skin was soft against his palm. “BOY!” Another bestial call from Mephisto broke the kiss.

          “I’ll call you when I get the chance.” Faust was enamored from the start and he showed the world it was a grand thing.

          “Mephisto, my heart flutters away from me.”

          “Amon be praise, for an innocent like her could rally a case.”

          “You have no idea about her!”

          “Let me see her number, Sean,” Mephisto took her eyes off the road for a second to ponder the number. “So was she a good old German girl?”

          “No… an American.” Faust withdrew his hand from Mephisto’s clammy grip and observed his master’s complexion darken.

          “Her name?”

          “A name of an angel, oh God… Rachel Celeste.”

          “Celeste…? Very well, I shall accompany you to dote upon her with trinkets from my own stash.” Banking on lunacy, Mephisto seemed destined to rule over Faust.


          That morning came but no visit to Rachel. Instead, a package was left on the motel door with Rachel’s name on it. She would open to door and see that note and she would question:


To Rachel,

        If you can even remember me but I’m the man you met on the street. You could say that this is a donation for the hotel room but I want to see you in a more appropriate spot. How about at the International House, it’s a great place for foreign food. Please say yes. Call me at…


          That is what she would read, had Mephisto not torn the letter off before sending it.

          Rachel brought in the locket with interest and something came over her. She eyed the gold with lust and held the pendant tight.

          “Who was it, Rae?” Bradley asked, tossing off his button-up.

          “A gift from an admirer.”

          “Does B have another one?” Zeke came out of the bathroom, buttoning his pants.

          “No, your sis does,” Bard made little motion to acknowledge Rachel. “I’d better get ready for the FUSION lunch.”

          “Good idea.” Zeke followed him to the inner rooms of the cheap motel.

          Rachel stared at the polished heart as she pursued her brother and ‘brother’ into the bathroom. Bradley was already in the shower while Zekial brushed his teeth.

          “You two are good with gifts, what do you think?”

          “Sell it on eBay.” Snorted Zeke.

          “Give it to the Church.” It was less of a joke than what its reception left it as. Zekial burst out in a deep, near hysterical, laugh while Rachel gazed deeply at the turquoise shower curtain.

          “I’ll be back. Don’t leave until I do.”


          “BLASTED HELLFIRE! Before this day, one would dare say, I was the planner. Benign this brat is but a brittle bone biding time for a door. Sorrow must be hers before this soul is mine.” The limelight glistened underneath the iron meat door.

          “My Lord, is all fair?” The light vanished with no warning and the dark-skinned devil exited.

          “Good Faust, you shall learn over time ideas wane, casting a doom even to that you wax over. Whether you note it, or not, that little bit of yours did not phase her beating heart for you. Try again, this time ask her to meet you at the Garden of Eden.”

          “Why a botanical garden?”

          “Too lovely is that face of Rachel to compare with a rare rose?”

          “Of course.”

          “Your intellect is deadening, my steward.”

          “Nerves make me quick to ask with no time to think.”


          The note from the package held the same beauty as the first but now she had gotten it along with a set of diamond earrings. Bradley and Zeke were not home this time and Rachel seriously needed someone to go with her. She knocked on the door of her neighbor, whom, after a debacle with the ice machine and Jiffy pop, had become close friends with Rachel. Desiree was the car see needed. 


          A silent whisper spoke volumes of regret.

          “Has it been the hour three for a century? I’ve waited long enough.”

          “A jest of an idea! Portly pleasures posted past this peak will make you strive for that point of perfection when she,” Mephisto pointed through the plump bushes. “Comes.”

          Beat on by samite wings, the love of frail Faustus, fluttered passed. Peering back over one shoulder, Faustus noticed no Mephisto.

          “Do you bring a friend in fear?”

          “No, she’s my ride. Where’s this man I am to meet?” Faust crouched behind a lilac bush to listen better.

          “Your fair fellow cringes behind yon brush.” Mephisto’s sinister finger pasted a flag upon Faust’s head. “Take care not to bruise him, he’s a fickle boy.”

          A wanton wind blew away from the damned sea and stirred the heavenly scent.  


          “These last months have hurt, Desiree,” All Rachel could think about was the spawn growing inside of her. “I’m afraid I cannot ask for this child. Every way I think to help, hurts me. Believe me, I want this but I cannot have it.”

          “You can have it though. Your brothers will help.”

          “They are in the same boat that I am in. The only reason we came to Germany was because it was free.” Before long, she began to cry. The child was wanted but could not live with the means Rachel had.

          “Then have an abortion.”

          “Its illegal.”

          “In the basement of the Cat Scratch Club, there is a man named Talos who would do it. Ask the bartender for Crystal and he’ll show you the stairs… or meth.” Rachel did not laugh, she sobbed without a beat.

          “Should I?” Rachel left her friend’s room with the saddest expression in any lifetime. It was the face of a mother who had to kill her child or it would die of starvation. With a hung head, she needed to confess and be alone.


          The choir of the church bore down upon her with the prayer songs of life and brightness, the Dies Irae made her lament ever stronger.

          “Why do I forsake it so simply?” Rachel knocked over one of the candleholders, the light bursting then dying.

          “Simply due to your forsaken life,” The candlelight in a corner vanished with the sudden shape. She tried to peer passed the tears and under darkness. “An invading spirit who wanders with no friends or family.” A gust of blinding nothing extinguished the wicks of flame. The lights were safe behind her but the wingling pressed forward.

          “Leave me alone!” She waited in the dark, missing all the spirit.

          “You killed the only remnant of a love you would leave,” The breath of the demon panted as Rachel gasped at the fiery grasp of his hand on her wrist. “You spoiled yourself to get a simple burst.” Rachel cringed as the final light winked away.


          The Hars Mountains of great respite held the drunken Faust. His body was bare and void of all inhibitions. Riding the thing that made him a man was a simple witch. Walpurgisnacht, the Bacchanalia of evil, left Mephisto baring the robes of Old Nick. His cloven costume clicked while walking on the rock of his charge.

          “The plane of sex has bested that of your seldom seen love.” Mephistopheles grinned to the beat of lust. Faust’s mind was breaking and the skin hated him. The whore of magic climbed off and went to a lively orgy. Faust, forsaken by that thing which loomed above, lit a cigarette.

          “You’ve not delivered.” Faust snarled, trapped in the cage of his journey.

          “My failure is brought by a nag of the hag in your head,” Mephisto shared the goblet of wanting with Faustus but gradually, a deep anxiety permitted Mephisto to budge. “Taste of this wine, made from the holiest grapes, to begin the communion to my sect.” Faust snatched the golden chalice and drank deep the red. Mephisto, his eyes flashing to the greatest of obsidian burst into the cheers of a king. “Shatter if you must, for the wine gives drunken men just.”

Solving a burning equation, Faust learned that five replenished grails tripped his mind. His legs strode straight yet he wandered around the tumbling festival of macabre delight and the ignorance of sin and sex.

          The statue of Lilith, first wife to Adam, was his loved one’s shape to his fragile reality. Beleaguered by a dark sovereign, a child he saw. A lone child, pale and fair, resembling sweet Rachel walked at the pace of night fading. The child was forth coming with the pondering of regality and lost.


          The dawning day echoed a head of pain for Sean Faustus. He lay nude to the leaving witches.

          “MEPHISTO!” Faustus had no cause to yell, for his handler intended for such commiseration. Mephistopheles rose from the mesh of four nymphs to tear the horns from his head.

          “Alas, my maidens, your devil must fly before his charge flees.” Mephisto, clearing a false swamp, controlled the ground Faustus stood.

          “Her plight is culpable by me!” There was a child where once stood a man.

          “You are not just a mishap for her, you straightly plunged her to this perdition of life.” Faust found a set of pants to wear and stormed to the frigid ice of the mountain.

          “I DENOUNCE YOU!”

          “It was you, not I, who initiated this pact. Did we force ourselves on you or was it you on us?” Faustus puzzled with the grim glee Mephisto threw.

          “Does this account for all things? Mephisto, may you burn. A fealty you wish of me, warning me not to gain love and now you say I am the master! Do as I say or a fealty you shall never get.” Mephisto’s mandible locked to force a nod.


          “An aged man he will be before his soul I can take, with the delicate flower of her in his pot. But I am the winner of our bet, the addition of beasts and women are too elaborate a foe for such a simple toon. Whimsy, cunning and deception are ways we both work and for too simple nights, I have strived. Between you and I, I know that a woman who would kill her child is mine. You get the babe but I GET THE PARENTS! Belonging to the shade, there are ramparts to be paid.”


          A gentle hum beckoned high the flyer. Air split and engines bellowed for the wings of a lover and the adversary. Below, a perilous sea rose and fell against the raging rain. Faustus would not fear as long as the portrait of water-hewn Rachel stayed with him.

          What do I do to get her for eternity? My mind-blown life has given way to an infinite sea of emotion. Can I make her leave it all for me? Her brothers are who brought her to my land and put this languished mind upon me. BE DAMNED!


          He knew that Rachel was home. He could feel her in his now mystic heart. His head was insubordinate and his heart waned for closure.

          “Faust, pluck your rose and quicken hence.” Faustus slid the window open. A blissful light at the top of the stairs lit his path to his paradise.

          “I crawl to you, my Zahir. A woman as you, a devious man you make. Perhaps the Danube was unwilling to cast a meager eye on a whipping boy as I. I found you and I cannot lose you. My soul, I sold.”

          The sobs broke his heart. Rachel sat on the bed, holding herself. Faust was staring, trying not to tear himself at his self-hatred. He stepped into the doorway, shaking. Rachel took only one glance at him before embracing him.

          “What are you doing here?” Rachel sniffled and wiped away her sorrows on her hoodie sleeves.

          “I came to get you.” It was the truth.

          “B-bu-“ He stepped back and grabbed her wrist. The blood overwhelmed him.

          “What did you do?”

          “I just… just….” Sean ripped his shirt down the side and bound both wrists to save his lass.

          “I’m here, never fret again,” The kiss that followed broke all thoughts. “I never want this to end.” The sound of glass shattering made Faust fear the worst. With ease and bloody hands, Faust helped Rachel down the stairs.

          Faust blasphemed when he saw Mephisto rear his baldhead. An angered Bradley was something the devil himself could not have foreseen. Bradley grabbed the man by his shirt’s butterfly collar.

          “Just what-” Bradley looked at Rachel. In that instant, Mephisto toss Bradley aside like a rag doll.

          “Come with me, Faustus.” Mephisto gave his charge no choice but to refuse.

          “I swore no eternal moment.” Faustus stepped back, shielding Rachel from the evils of Mephistopheles.

          “But you did, shallow one! You’ve gotten what you wanted in that moment of endearment. Now I gain what I want!” Mephisto growled, his unending smirk continued as he caged the conscious of Faustus. “Why would you lie? A trade you made and a wager you placed. There is no calling off the bet. So does fealty mean nothing to you?” A harder man walked to face the Legion of Hell.

          “Take me and Rachel back to Germany.” He demanded.

          “A trip would not break this pact that you have broken!” Mephisto was a betrayed man as he pulled out the revolver. Air escaped Rachel and Faust’s iron hate broke with tantalizing fear.

          “Hold, Diablo!” Bradley put his hand on the barrel. “Comply with Faust’s wishes,” The stern adrenaline of anger smashed to shore. “Faust, a word with Rachel before she leaves,” Faust’s trust of Mephisto lead him to the car. “I’m sorry, Rachel.” Bradley’s final step to Rachel shook with a fireball on the front lawn.

          A deal ended before Faust had control. A pact with the Devil is the fastest way to hell. Like his forebears, Sean Faustus lost the wager of flesh and soul.

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