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In Tokyo Nights

by In-Tokyo-Nights

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Its about the twin brothers Akito and Akira yano(yeah, twins agen) That are playing in the moust hotest and moust popular band in Japan..! Theyr band is named Tokio night. Akito is the one that are singing and Akira is the one playing gitar. On drums we find theyr god friend Nachi yamaoka. And on bass Takao Suzuki...A replacement for Aki Yano..(yes..the yano brohters were one tripelts..) In the same town Tokyo a girl named Ai(yeah I realy like that name.) She wants to one day meat Akito Yano the lead vokalist of Tokio Night.(NO she is NOT A FANGIRL) She and akito were once god friends when they were smal, they even were girlfriend and boyfriend. Ahd has a photo in her room with her and Akito from the cildhood and every night before she goes to sleep she looks at it awile holding theyr love necrace tight. And In the same town Tokyo at night a boy named Akito is doing the eksakt same thing..just that he cant remenber what the girls name was..becouse he lost some of his memorie when he tried to save his trippling Aki...


The fan girls screamed as Tokio Night finished their concert, when Akito the vocalist sang
The last sentence in” Alone without you", The Tokio Night smash hit. For odd reasons
They were called an emo band but who cared anyway? They where the hottest band in
Japan and they began to gain fans in other countries like Germany as well.
It was a warm day and sweat pored down Aikido's face, It had been a god concert and
The fans seamed to enjoy themselves.
"Thank you!!"
He shouted into the microphone and held it over his head. His' dark brown hair looked almost black in the spotlight, as his perfectly curved lips made a childish sweet smile.
When the fan girls saw this they screamed even more.
"Heh, they're crazy..!" Nachi who had been playing the drums thought and smiled to himself,
Stood up and went to where Akito and Akira stood smiling as well.
Akira was Aikido's twin. He had the same childish laugh and dark brown hair. He turned
Around so all the fans could see his beautiful brown eyes and again the fan girls
Screamed... The band Tokio Night was Akito as vocalist, Akira on guitar Nachi on drums
And Takao on bass. They vawed their hands one last time and went backstage.
"Nice concert! God work as always!"
Amy said as they walked inn trough the dark blue curtains.
"Thanks! It was not our best, but it was okay..!"
Nachi replied and looked happy back at her.
Everybody was smiling brightly...
But somehow the smile of Akito the vocalist had disappeared...
That was a really god concert! Ai thought and walked out of the concert hall and into the
Tokio night... It was late and the warm breeze made her black dress move in
The wind and her brown eyes stared at the moon while her whole body was still
Shaking after the awesome concert.

"Damn..! Akira is so hot!!" Her friend said and jumped at her giggling. Her name was
Sayuki and called herself the nun bah 1 Tokio Night fan. She had brown long hair and
Brown eyes and was dressed in dark blue jeans and a black top.
She claimed herself "deeply, madly in love" with the guitarist of Tokio Night.
"What would I do if I could have ONE date with Akira-kun!!?” She shook her head and sighed
Exited, Ai on the other hand just rolled her eyes.

Close by, Akito, Akira, Nachi and Takao was about to enter the limo that was
Supposed to take them to their next hotel.
"How was the concert today?" the driver asked.
"It was just great!" the TN (A//N: Tokio Night)'s manager said
"You've all done an awesome job today, boys!"
"Hell yeah!! Did you see those fan girls??!!" Nachi laugh
"I hate fan girls...” Takao said
"Aww...come on! They are all your very supportive fans!!" Mimi Honda who was the
Manager said
"Whatever...” Was the only thing that came out of Aikido's mouth as he quietly watched?
The night streets pass by outside the window...

A limo speed past, and threw water from a puddle on Ais dress.
"Hey..! Watch out-" She stopped in the middle of the sentence when she saw a gimps of
Akito in the window, it was like everything was in slow motion for a moment.
He looked so sad...
"Hey! Wasn't that Tokio Nights limo?!" Sayuki gasped.
"Hey!" She waved a hand in front of Ai, but she was only staring at where the limo
"Uh.., he...sorry I spaced out." she Said and grinned.
"Maybe you are just tired..?" Sayuki asked.
"Yeah...let's just go home...” why all of a sudden did Ai look so sad..? Sayuki wondered.

Sayuki and Ai was best friends, they lived in a small apartment together, went shopping together, they where actually moor like sisters than friends.  Their parents were business-partners and lived in England. They went up the stairs to the apartment and in the door. Ai quickly went to her room just saying that she wanted to go to bed. She dumped down on the bed, and took the photo on her
Night table. It showed a young girl and a young boy playing in a sandbox. They looked very
Happy. She held tight the locket around her neck and whispered so Sayuki wouldn't hear...
"Akito-kun...if you are sad, I'm sad too...”
The locket.  She never told anyone from where she
Got. not even Sayuki..

At an exclusive hotel some other place in Tokyo a boy was lying on a bed, sleepy. His dark
Long, brown- blackish hair resting on his shoulders. He wore a black t-shirt and black jeans, his
Finger nails where painted black too. The fingertips gently stroke a pendant/locket around
His neck. "Who are you..?" He wisped into the night...


Chapter 2

«Akito wake up! » Akira shouted. And Akito opened his sleepy eyes
«Only five more minutes...» He moaned.
«Akito..! We have a plane to catch, we're going to Hokkaido, Swedenmura to shoot the new video, remember!? »
«Ahh...un...just- WHAT?! Hokkaido? oh shit! I forgot! » Akito jumped out of bed and his twin rolled
his eyes.
«Hey...have you slept with your make-up on again..? » He asked.
«Err..? he he» Akito said embarrassed.
«Geese...I said make-up is bad for you...go and look at yourself. »
  Akito went in the bathroom and observed his own face in the mirror, Akira was right, the
  eye-liner and eye shadow was rubbed out all over his cheeks.
«Face it! Make-up is not for boys...» Akira laughed a bit exasperated
«It's only a bit black eye-liner and black eye shadow! Besides the girls like it! » Akito complained
«Not that I understand why, I mean you look kind of emo...»
«Well girls love emo guys. they think emo boys are hot! » Akito replied
«But for Christ sake, you look moor girl y than the fan girls!! »
«Do you relay think that..!-» Akito began

The door slid open and Takao walked in. he was dressed in casual grey t-shirt and baggy dark blue jeans, black caps and black converse shoes. His blond hair had been cut short; his green eyes stared at Akito.

«Akito...have you drowned or something..? » He lowered his eyebrows
«No...he only slept with his make-up agen. » Akira said with a goofy smile.
«Akito...if your going to use make-up, at least take it of before you go to bed! look like a ghost”.
«I do..? »
«Yeah, so get that ass into the bathroom and wipe it off and get ready! »
«Why do I have to do all this, .its´ only 06:00 in the morning...»? Akito muttered.

30 minutes later they were all ready to go. The manager (Mimi) walked first, followed by Akira, Akito, Nachi and Takao, down the hall and into the lobby, where Mimi checked them out.
before thy went outside, where the paparazzi were already waiting, Mimi turned around and said.
«Listen, it is a lot of paparazzi and photographers outside, so push your caps hard down , don't look up and simply enter the car, we don ´t have time for interviews and stuff right now, we have only 1 hour to catch the plane.» she explained.
The boys noted and they went outside. Where they was greeted by blitz and flash lights. They hurried into the car, ignoring all the shouts and crazy fan girls.
«Narita airport, please, and hurry! » She said to the driver.
«Yes, ma'am»
«I'm tired...» Nachi yawned.

«Ai! We will be late for school if you don ´t get up now!! » Sayuki almost shouted into Ai's ear.
«Only five more minutes...» Ai said under the quilt.
«NO!! »
«Okay, fine. fine I'll get up...» Ai sighed and quickly put her feet on the floor. She got up, dressed and went to the kitchen; just to find out that they had ran out of food... Ai just stared in to the completely empty fridge, and chills ran down her spine.
«yes..? »
«We have run out of food, and our wallets are completely empty!! » she sobbed...
The last Tokio Night concert had robbed them for their pocket money, and it was one week before                           they would get any cash on their cards.
It was a bitter silence, a wile before finally Sayuki spoke.
«Forget about that..! We'll be late, we'll think out something until we get home! » she hissed...
Ai just stared at her sobbing.
«Cone on!! We don't have time for this! » Sayuki pulled Ais hand and they ran out of the apartment.

«We made it! » Sayuki shouted when they entered the classroom
«No, you didn't! » Their teacher miss.Shoko said angry.

The wind blew and it was another warm day, in the middle on June and Akito lip - sang to Tokio Night's new video.

«I see your face in my dreams and its haunting me
So I can't let you go
baby come back to me, come back to my
my love»

A pretty, young girl named Oyamada Anna, Aikido's current girlfriend was playing the girl Akito was in «love with» in the video.  She had long dirty blond hair and a long white dress in Lolita style. She had soft, rare, purple eyes and her lips had a cherry blossom light pink colour.

«Yesss..! CUT! » The director shouted

The set became noisy as the staffs were getting ready for the next scene.

«You did a great job, Anna-chan! » Akito spoke to her softly and kissed her forehead they were angased.

«Thank you! Akito-kun! » She replied, giving him her beautiful smile.

«I'll just go and look over there, I'll be right back! » She giggled and ran over to the forest where they had been shooting.

«She's cute! » Nachi smiled his trademark flirty smile.
«yes, she's wonderful! But back off Nachi, she's´ mine! » Akito smiled back with triumph.
«Well. She doesn't deserve you if she's´ not fateful...», Nachi muttered
«What do you mean? » Akito asked back.
«Nah...Let me test her for you...As the good friend I am...» And Nachi ran over to where Anna just had disappeared.

«Hey..! Nachi what are you going to do?! » Akito shouted and began to run after him, but someone gripped his hand.

«Where are you going? You have to shoot the next scene! » It was Mimi.

«Yeah that's right...Be right back!! » He said and run after Nachi.

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