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The Lonely Thoughts

by kuroryushin

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this is a sad Free verse poem I Wrote when the person I acually loved kicked me to the curb.

I am a wondering spirit whose name is not known even by the gods

I am a wondering spirit whose name is not known even by the gods. My name is only known by the children whose faces are shown brightly in the morning sun's rise. Am I real or just a figment of your imagination? Ask yourself this question and only then can you come find me. I can only be found when you close your eyes and when you open them all you see are your mistakes overtaken by darkness and shadows. Only when this darkness fills your world will you find my body covered in the guilt that drove you to madness. This guilt that plagues your mind takes the ill gotten form of blood that seeps from my body. Now think back to your oldest memories of me and remember it was you, yourself that made it come to this, for it was you who used your words like daggers and pierced my heart. Now it is my turn to do to you what you did to me. I will ruin your life like you did mine, now please forgive my own sorrows and protect yours. When your heart erased my image I felt my life shatter like glass and only now you wish to remember me what I looked like. Cause of this It drove me to suicide but no it was only you, yourself. This is why I am a wandering spirit whose name is not known, not even by my …first…true…love.

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