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by Piglet

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Not a story, but a long palindrome I was working on just for fun. All real English words and Acronyms but doesn't really make sense. FOr anyone who doesn't know, a palindrome reads the same back to front as it does front to back.

Dog was in air E.g.. insane modem user - pitiful: a card. Strafe - we all abase Kate. We see pure caramel. Bona fide sun, use mirror, rest I rip. Seer, free beta ladies. Run to green sea. Glad Dad is AWOL. Libido of sex, imbibe V.O. -  clan or a dark cult. Open! I crop war gibs.   
I do get it (E): pyre voodoo. Dig rock/ rap, not pure vow: "Elf I was". Tinkled, I barge. Big nit am I: tsetse revered. No, Winona, mix a tenor up. Set at, I demote. Nod, does I, on one damp Muppet. Snide Rita got stuck. Row tram from A to B. Bad loser, gone yonder to here, vessel axis. Flogs ferret, soft felt on fine venom, lash serf. Flowers emit sap... rose/ magnolia petals, no beret. Fall as I drown a W.A.S.P. - Anti-Semite Moslem ace card. A lass pilfers a dime. Do not risk catnip. Do not evade: live life, sacred nude! Tan a medal.
    Note gang nip party cart, golem angel, not first nap. West S.A, late fall, I trot on moors. Even I snag Rota, keep maid as mine. Mower Abel got no denim, Red. Egad! Does run IRA, Luger risks law. Re-knit tips, node wets. I revile Kim's DNA. Held, I keep mace caps of use, passer. Pedro, get ill at Spar. Toto got DNA: bad lie from RAF at all? I may trap Sam. All anal Peru females are evil. Now die! R.I.P. Must evade Lee: pig gets all rude. Rut pure villas. I yaw at sacred net. Now is Ann in a morn? It is not! Is Islam inane? Vex a sot! Latinos murder S.A. hen. I lop, martyr rose garden. I age villa. Re-vote! Val aids Sam's Ma, help pastel.
    Big Nora got one taken off. It's a fine. Vera owe? No, I dare not tone radio. New oar, even if a stiff one, Kate. No toga, Ron. Giblets, apple, hams - mass dial-a-vet! Over all, I've gained rage. Sorry. Trampoline has red rums on it. Alto sax, even animals I sit on. Sit in Roman inn as I won tender castaway. Is all; I've ruptured URL. Last egg I peeled, a vet's umpire I'd won. Live, erase lame fur. E-Plan, a llama's party: a mill at a farm or field. A band to go to trap. Stall it e.g. or depress apes. UFO space camp - eek! Idle hands, Mike. Liver I stewed on spit. Tinker walks irregular. I nurse odd, aged ermine. Don't ogle bare women. I'm sad. I am. Peek at organs in Eve's room. No tortilla feta lasts. Sew pants rift on leg.
    Name log "Tracy", trapping nag. Eton lad emanated under case file. Vile Dave to nod. Pin tack, sir, to node. Midas re-flips salad. Race camel, sometimes it naps. A wan word is all, after ebon slate. Pail on games or pastimes re: wolf. Fresh salmon, even. If not left, Foster refs golf. Six ales - severe, hot, red, no Yen. Ogre's old abbot. AM or FM artwork. Cuts toga... tired instep. Pump made no noise. Odd one to meditate. Spur one taxi man on, I wonder. Everest, estimating, I beg rabid elk, "Knit!". Saw I flew over Upton Park. Corgi doo-doo, very petite. God is big!
    Raw porcine pot luck, radar on alcove. Bib mixes food, I billow, as I'd add algae. Sneer got nurse, I'd a late beer, free spirits. Error: rimes unused, if a noble. Ma, race: rupees! Ewe takes a ball, a ewe farts! Dracula fit, I presume. Do men, as Nigerian I saw God.

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