Where I Belong - Chapter 1

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Where I Belong

by NegativeZero

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What can I say... another love poem!

I wanna thank you for all you've done,
You showed me loved when I had none,
You opened up a once locked door,
The key to mai heart is yours for sure,
Through all the doubts I had faith in you,
You helped me up and walked me through,
When you left I was sad and gone,
All that was left was one love song,
But I turned it up and replayed it once more,
And found you knocking outside mai door,
I was drenched in tears and so were you,
I said I loved and missed you too,
Your hands shivered as they reached for mines,
Made me remember all those times,
I couldnt help but hold you close,
To break down in tears and let you knoe,
That time could never keep us apart,
And that mai love belongs in your heart.

© 2004 TimZ

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