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I Found Someone

by Animeiac

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Repost: While looking for a birthday present for his little sister Trunks spotted a crying Serena and sees what he can do to cheer her up.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 01: I Heard a Cry

I Found Someone


By Maricruz (A.K.A Mari, Maric, Maricc, Mar, maric106, Anime-iac, and Animeiac)


Co-Authored by haruhala





Disclaimer: Dragonball Z is the (c) property of Akira Toriyama. Sailor Moon is the (c) property of Naoko Takeuchi.





Chapter 01: I Heard a Cry.





Trunks's P.O.V:


It was a day like any other. Except I forgot my sister's birthday. So here I am flying over Tokyo thinking of a good present. I only have a few hours before it's cake time. Sigh...





Normal P.O.V


Trunks Briefs-Vegeta. One of Earth's mightiest fighters and son of the richest woman and strongest prince of all Saiyans is on a quest to find the perfect birthday present for his little sister. And if he doesn't find one in the next three hours he has to face the wrath of his father.





Serena's P.O.V


Today is the worse day of my life. Nothing ever seems to go right for me. I woke up and found a hairball on my clothes. The outfit was great and I knew Darin would love it. Now it's ruined and Luna and Artemis won't fess up.





To think how I saved Luna when she was being harassed by those stupid boys. I think they hate me or something. Then as if my day wasn't ruined enough I go for breakfast. When I get there all that's left are scraps and dirty dishes. I see the last of mom's famous crepes going in the mouths of Sammy and Rini.





When I asked if there were more. My mother and father yelled at me. They said if I could learn to get up earlier then it wouldn't be a problem. The whole time Sammy and Rini laughed at me. So I yelled at them and then sure enough I got yelled at. It's just like my parents. They always take their side. I swear this family doesn't even want me. They never act like they care.





My friends haven't been acting much better. Every time I call it's like we're busy. Or your overreacting. No one every listens to me.



My boyfriend Darien seems to be drifting away from me. We always fight and then he tells me I'm such a little girl. I mean if he doesn't want to be with me... But that's silly talk I know he loves me. I just wished he acted like it.





I always see him flirting with my friends. At first I thought it was cool of him getting along with my friends. But now it makes me wonder.





"Serena, I need you to go and pick some things up for me."





"But mom I have to see my friends."





"You know I'm getting fed up with your attitude lately. Sometimes I wish you'd act like Sammy and Rini. At least they do things without such drama."





"So what are you saying mom that you don't want me. Fine, I'll go then."





"Must she always blow everything out of proportion. An will she stop slamming the door."





I bet she wishes I was never born. She never shows me with affection like them. Well, at least it's a good day out. But I hate being alone.





Why did I come to the park? So I could watch all the other happy people. My heart and soul ache. But no one cares and I have no one to talk to. Great now I'm crying in public. People keep looking at me like I'm a leper. When was the last time someone asked what's wrong. Instead they go about their business and ignore you. I'm such a loser sitting here crying.







Normal P.O.V


Serena Tsukino. A.K.A Sailor Moon and the reincarnation of Princess Serena from the Silver Millennium and the Future Queen of Crystal Tokyo. Was sitting alone crying her sweet heart out thinking about what bad day she's having. But that will soon change for her.









Trunks. P.O.V


Well, still haven't found anything. She is going to kill me. Wow, look at that girl she's pretty. But why is she crying? It doesn't look like anyone's trying to hurt her or has. I think I'd better check this out.





Normal P.O.V


'What was that?' Serena thought as she sat on the park bench. 'Is that a person flying in the air? Or have I completely lost my mind. No, that's a person. Crap, is he here to fight me or hurt me. Come on, pull it together you have no one else to help you.'





Trunks's P.O.V


Hmmm, she seems to be acting really weird. I better go down there and make sure she's ok.





Serena's P.O.V


Oh great he's coming this way. "Who are you and what do you want?"





Trunks's P.O.V


She is even more beautiful then I thought. But her eyes are still red from crying. I know she's just trying to act brave. But in reality she's hurting badly. "Hi, my name is Trunks. I don't mean you any harm. It's just I saw you crying as I was flying overhead. I wanted to make sure your alright."





Serena's P.O.V


He actually is pretty cute. He doesn't look like he'll harm. His eyes are so kind and gentle. "Please, you didn't have to check on me. I'll be fine." I wish that was the truth.





Trunks's P.O.V


"I don't think your being honest with me. I can tell your hurting. I am more then willing to sit here and listen. I mean if you want me to."





Serena's P.O.V


He is unbelievable. I mean I'm a complete stranger. Yet he wants to know what's wrong. It's more then I can say for my friends. Or Darin. "Ok, if your sure. I mean if you get bored or think I'm too whiny. I'll understand."





Normal P.O.V


"Don't be silly. Only a jerk would do something so callous. But I do have one request. What's your name?" Trunks asked.





"Oh, I'm sorry how rude of me." Serena responded with a slight blush.





Trunks's P.O.V


She gets even cuter when she blushes.





Normal P.O.V


"My name is Serena. It's nice to meet you. Trunks, was it?" Serena starts to feel a little relax around this lavender haired stranger.





"Yep, that's me and yeah I know it's kinda weird. But so is my mom at times." Trunks chuckled a bit.





"Well, you see it seems like lately no one cares about me. I mean not even my family. It seems I was so important. When they needed something from me. But lately they do nothing but yell at me. When their not doing that they talk to me in such a condescending tone. I mean yeah at times I over react. An I can act like a brat. But I mean shouldn't they forgive me for it? It seems like I can do or say nothing right."





Trunks's P.O.V


She is starting to shiver a little. I know she start crying again. I hate to see a woman cry. But she does need to get it off her chest.





Normal P.O.V


"See it all started a few months ago. My friends and I had just gone through a huge fight. After instead of thanking me for helping. They complained how I was in the way. That if it wasn't for me none of it would have happened. I mean I had nothing to do with it. But right away they blame me. Since then they've barely talked to me. They always say their too busy to hang out. So I sit at my house everyday bored and alone." Tears were welding up in Serena's eyes.





"You know what? They don't sound like very good friends at all. My friends would go out on a limb for me anytime." Trunks put in his two cents.







"It must be nice to have such good friends. We use to be that way. But it seems the bigger my group of friends got. The quicker I got pushed out." Serena was beginning to feel more solemn until Trunks placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.





“Hey don't worry. If it makes you feel any better maybe I can talk to these 'friends' of yours.” Trunks offered his service to this sphere pig-tailed princess.





“Really?” Serena was a bit surprised that a complete stranger wants to help.





“Sure, you seem like a very nice person and I kind of like you.” Now it was Trunk's turn to blush.





Serena's P.O.V


He looks so adorable when he blushes. I don't think even Darien ever even blushes in his life.





Normal P.O.V


“Thank you. It's very kind of you to do so.” Serena gave Trunks a small sweet smile.





Trunks's P.O.V


Now that's what I want to see. A pretty smile on a pretty girl. I could just stare at her smile for hours. That is if my watch didn't go off.





Normal P.O.V


“Aw Man!” Trunks exclaimed as he heard watch beeped and check to see that he's a little bit late.





“What's the matter Trunks.” Serena asked in concern for her new found friend.





“Well you see it's my little sister's birthday and if I don't find a present for her soon I'm going to have deal with a disappointed mother and a really angry father.” Trunks confessed as she scratches the back of his head.





“It's you little sister's birthday and now you're just looking for a present for her?” Serena gave Trunks a funny look.





“Yeah I know. Typical male stereotype thing. Always wait 'til the last minute.” Trunks let out a big embarrassing sweat drop.





Trunks's P.O.V


Great I finally found a pretty nice girl that I like and I'm being such a dork.





Normal P.O.V


“Maybe I can help?” It was now Serena's turn to offer her services.





“Really? Are you sure you want to.” Trunks was too glad that she wants to volunteer.





“Sure I did kind of kept you of your time.” Serena felt a shame for making Trunks late.





“It's okay, I'm glad that I stopped by and met you.” Trunks reassure Serena that she meant no harm.





“If you let me help you I betcha we can find the perfect present for your little sister.” Serena kept on insisting.





“Okay if you really want to.” Trunks simply accepted Serena's help. “I just hope you like flying.”





“Well I've never met anyone who can fly before but I think I handle it.” Serena felt a little bit of courage inside of her.





“Great just hold on to my back and we'll get going” Trunks instructed and Serena did just that. “Listen I know that we just met and it's a little sudden but would like come with me for my little sister's birthday?”





“Yeah I love birthday parties even if it's a little kid's party.” Serena gladly accepts Trunks invite with a bright smile.





“Great! Hang on then.” And with that Trunks and Serena took off into the sky with Serena hanging on to Trunks's back.





At first Serena was scared about being this high before. But as soon as she felt Trunks's warmth and the cool wind in her hair. She starts to feel at ease.





Serena's P.O.V


This is incredible! I don't remember feeling this free before in my life. Not even Darien could ever makes me feel this way. I wonder what will happen if the others see me like this.







Trunks's P.O.V


This day didn't turn out so bad as I thought. I met a girl who was feeling down and I helped cheered her up. Now she's helping me finding a present for Bra's birthday. I hope my parents will like as much as I do. I know Mom would defiantly will but Dad well he's going take some getting used to.





Normal P.O.V


And so our two young ones flew high into the horizon in search of the ideal birthday present Trunks's little sister Bra.





Meanwhile in the Gates of Time, Pluto the Guardian Time felt a disturbance in the time line. “Something is not right here.” She used her staff to see what could be wrong. Pluto first sees the future that she wants to happen. “Well it looks like Crystal Tokyo is fine.” She felt relieved but then to her shock another future appeared before here. And it's not Crystal Tokyo. “Oh no! This cannot be! I must alert the scouts at once!” Pluto turned off the image and transported herself out of her dimension to find the scouts.





Else where in the universe on the sacred planet of the Kais, Kabito Kai and Old Kai just recently saw what was happening and Old Kai just shook his head. “That meddling granddaughter of mine. When is she ever going to learn that time is must never be tampered with.”





“Please Sir she does mean well.” Kabito Kai tried to reason with Old Kai. “After all Pluto just wanted Earth to be a peaceful place.”





“I wanted the Earth to be peaceful as well but her way requires too many sacrifices.” Old Kai condoles this little conflict. “And if having peace means taking nearly an entire planet's population then I would rather have the fightings and invasions any day.”





“But great ancestor you don't think that Pluto is capable of such a thing.” Kabito Kai just couldn't believe that one of the members of his family would do something so terrible just to get Crystal Tokyo.





“Don't get me wrong young Kai. I love my granddaughter with all my heart but sometimes she can be such a bitch when time doesn't go her way.” Old Kai had that stern look when ever danger is coming. “Sure she may act nice but underneath all that niceness lies a cold and calculating heart with no consideration of other people's feelings.” With that said Old Kai made his decision. “Come Kabito Kai we must warn the Z-Warriors of Pluto's devious plot.”





“Yes Sir.” Kabito Kai took hold of Old Kai's shoulder and uses his instant transmission to find Goku and his friends.





A/N: Well looks like Serena and Trunks got on the right foot. And is Serena's case that's a first. But what will happen if the scouts ever heard about Serena's friendship with Trunks? And what did Pluto saw that made her fear about Crystal Tokyo's future? And will the Kais be able to stop her plans with the help of the Z-Warriors? Find out in future chapters of “I Found Someone.”

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