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The Figure

by NegativeZero

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The thing you see when you wake is yourself... or is it?

Lying awake at the foot of the bed,
The light through the window made me think I was dead,
Someone walked in the room yet I couldnt still see,
That the figure I looked at looked a lot just like me,
I could still see him standing with a big grin on his face,
And he pointed at me while laughing in place,
I rolled off the bed and heard thumps when I fell,
Then the figure came closer and knelt where I dwelled,
The pillows and blankets covered up on mai head,
He removed them hastely and his face was flushed red,
He removed his hat and put his face closer to mines,
And gave me a kiss as I squinted mai eyes,
But it wasnt a he but a she in mai clothes,
And as I start to smile she gave me a kiss on the nose,
She picked me back up and put me back on the bed,
And took off mai clothes and heres what she said,
"I knoe why you slept late and its sweet just to knoe,
You were watching me sleep and kissing me on mai nose,
I heard you whisper those three words in mai ear,
And boy I love you too and thats why Im here."
She jumped in the blankets and cuddled up to mai face,
We both closed our eyes while locked in embrace,
I felt the warmth of her body and mai heart started to burn,
She said, "You watched me sleep so now its mai turn."

© 2004 TimZ

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