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Street Demons

by Kouryuu524

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During an attempt to run from Naraku, Kagura rams her car into a Mercedes Benz. Unbeknown to her, this one accident sparks events with the very man whose car she wrecked. KaguXSessh very IC as much as i can get so the lovey stuff will come slowly

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Chapter 1

Author's Notes:

Hey all I've decided to give the SesshXKagu paring another go! This time I have enough ideas for at least a short story so it won't get discontinued like Price of Freedom. This is an AU where Kagura is a street racer and…well I don’t want to give anything away so I'm just gonna make you all read it XP. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the story and everything that goes with it!! Oh one last thing Japan really isn't gonna work for what I have planned (and trust me I've tried to make it work) so it has to be in America. So now without further stalling for time the story!!



            My name is Kagura Kusinagi, and I'm a street racer. I started almost as soon as I got my license thanks to dear old 'dad'. The bastard literally threw me into a car and said that I was going to earn my keep by winning money for him via racing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love racing and all that it entails. Speed, money, respect, breaking an uncountable number of laws all at once, but I loathed being controlled by Naraku, that's my 'father', while I do race. The bastard doesn’t even let me keep any of my hard earned winnings! After thinking it over for some time I've decided to get my ass out of this hellish excuse for a home and start racing for myself.




            Kagura quietly opened the door to the garage, hoping that no one would hear her and inform Naraku. Even though the raven haired woman was nineteen and had been racing for three years, Naraku wouldn't let her leave. He stated that it was because he cared for his daughter, a lie that Kagura easily saw through.


Stealthily, the young woman crept through the garage to her car, a white 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse with dark red tinted windows, a red spoiler, custom hood and body kit, red stripe vinyl along the entirety of the car, and chrome Speed star rims, and tossed her things into the passenger's seat. She then proceeded to manually raise the garage door and dashed back to her car and locked the race style harness across her waist and chest and started the car.

The machine awoke with a roar as the red eyed woman driving the vehicle quickly shifted the car into first and ripped out of the garage. She flew down the driveway at almost 30 mph and when she was about to hit the street Kagura yanked up on the hand break, drifting her car easily through the ninety degree angle without any damage to the vehicle. As the raven haired beauty speeded down the street she looked into her rearview mirror saying a final bitter farewell to her prison-like home.




            Two piercing red eyes stared out the dimly lit window of the house as they watched Kagura speed away from the house. The dark haired man watched the car speeding away with amusement on his features. He chuckled to himself before calling out, "Kanna."


            "Yes father?" A pale girl said as she entered the room carrying a small mirror in her hands. She was about twelve years old and dressed in what looked to be a white night gown. Her white hair fell around her face gently as her blank eyes stared at the dark haired man who was sitting in the large chair. "What is it that you want Naraku?"


            "Bring me the phone immediately," he spoke smirking to himself. The white haired girl bowed and rushed out of the room to get her father what he had asked for. "I know of a perfect way to teach Kagura a lesson and to make sure she never disobeys me again," the brown haired man chuckled to himself. A few moments later Kanna returned to the dim room and handed Naraku a cordless phone before sinking away into the shadows that made up the rest of the house.


            The young looking man quickly dialed a number and held the phone up to the side of his face. When the person who he dialed picked up he spoke into the receiver, "Listen, I need you to do a job. My daughter Kagura has decided to run away from home. Wait till she gets out of the city and kill her. Make sure it looks like an accident." With those final words the dark man hung up the phone and set it on the table beside him. 'This will teach that wench.'




            Kagura had been driving for nearly twelve hours and was nearing the city limits of Oakridge, a smaller eastern coastal city that was infamous for street racing. As she rounded the next bend the ruby eyed woman managed to get a beautiful glimpse of the sun rising on the city. "This city looks like a great place to start a new life away from Naraku," she commented as she passed the sign that said 'Welcome to Oakridge'.


As the young woman started to round the next bend she felt something smack into the side of her car causing her to go careening into oncoming traffic. She barely managed to avoid hitting into an older Chevy sedan before the left side of her car smashed against the guard rail. As the ebony haired woman looked out of the red tinted windows she noticed two identical red '95 Honda Civics with custom body kits and special window tints that made it impossible to look into the car. 

            Kagura exhaled as she yanked the steering wheel to the left, getting her car back into the correct lane of traffic. The red eyed woman looked into her rear view mirror and saw that both cars were quickly gaining on her. Kagura quickly hit the hidden Nitrous Oxide buttons in her steering wheel causing her car to speed up immensely fast. The young woman quickly jerked her hand break as she drifted around the next turn. Just as Kagura got out of the turn the twin cars smashed into her back end sending her head first into an oncoming Mercedes Benz. The twin Civics quickly sped away leaving both cars trashed and smoking.

            The ebony haired woman sat dazed in her seat she felt a pain in her head and guessed that she had somehow managed to bang her head on the steering wheel. As she looked out of her cracked windshield she saw the other driver get out of their car and walk over to hers. The last thing the young woman saw before she backed out was that whoever the driver was, they had really long hair.



Well that's it for this chapter! I'm keeping it short just cuz it’s the beginning and I wanna make ppls wait! Ill work on this once again after I update my Resident Evil story. Well tell me what you all thinks!

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