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Walking Away

by NegativeZero

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For those who have lost someone and can stop thinking about them... this is for you.

You had given your love,
To him just todai,
I smiled cuz you're happy,
And then turned away,
The roses I had,
Began wilting in tears,
I heard you and him laughing,
I just couldnt be near,
I walked away that day,
With petals trailing behind,
Images of you smiling,
Kept haunting mai mind,
I faded away,
Like every passing dream,
Never to return,
As sad as it seemed,
Then I heard your voice,
And you called out mai name,
But I kept mai head down,
Cuz I felt ashamed,
Then I saw your shoes placed,
Right before mines,
And you began asking,
Why couldnt I say Hi,
I said Hi and turned away,
But then you gave me a hug,
I looked up to see you crying,
And mai knees collapsed in the mud,
With mai head still down,
I started to say,
"You have him now to love,
So Ill go away."
I picked maiself up,
No final goodbyes,
I knoe I was hurting,
And dying inside,
You ran up to me,
And said, "Boy Im still here.
No one can replace you,
Cuz I love you dear,
And now you've come back,
Ive been waiting so long,
To place mai hands in your hands,
And play our love song,"
And so as it played,
You had taken mai hand,
And stood there in embrace,
Until we could no longer stand,
But then I woke up,
And started to cry,
And deep in mai heart,
I just wanted to die,
I knoe that you're gone,
But I miss you so much,
And now I lost faith,
In things such as love,
The same constant dream,
Will alwaise play in mai head,
Awake or asleep,
Until I am dead.

© 2004 TimZ

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