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Love Or Pity

by NegativeZero

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This poem is for those who question whether the person they love is either pity or real love.... can you ever tell? Things still such a mystery...

Somethings changed within your voice,
Like you care but not so much,
You use to say I love you so,
But now it just like... "What?"
I wrote a simple letter to you,
One you'll never read,
Cuz I when I cry I die deep inside,
And mai heart just starts to bleed,
I often try to walk away,
But then you hold mai hand,
Sometimes its just so confusing,
To the point I dont understand,
Is it pity or love you're offering,
Cuz mai naivity cant tell what,
I wish you'd say what you wanted to say,
And tell me if we are in love,
I catch maiself waiting and looking around,
Wondering if you'd be there,
Why is it when I start moving away,
You start beginning to care,
Show me the things that need to be shown,
Stop dodging and tell the truth,
Is this real love or just pity?
Cuz ryte now Im falling for you.

© 2004 TimZ

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