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Maelstrom Sense

by Jereth Nian

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Do you know me

Do you know me?

I'm over here,

Sitting in shadows,

Waiting for somebody,

Somebody like me,

With whom I can be free,

With whom I can cry.

Do you see me?

I'm over here,

Languishing, longing,

Waiting for a chance,

Do you see me,

Or do you see me,

The one I'm hiding.

Do you hear me?

Over here,

Hoping that tears,

Really can heal,

All that I am,

Is awaiting the sending,

From sweet Silence.

Can you taste it?

I'm over here,


In heart's decay,


Can memories,

Ever erase.

Can you smell it?

Over here,

There's the sickly-sweet odor,

Of rot,

Do you smell it,

The scent left behind,

By loved ones.

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