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White or Black Wings

by rmr34

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Karin Smith, survived a car crash, a year ago. While she lived, her parents didn't. It was a mystery. How did she escape? She doesn't remember how she got out, when she awoke, the car that her parents were in was a blazed! Now, a year later, she's living alone, in a apartment, and going to school. A new student appears one day, Vincent Kaine. Jacob Gillis, her friend, and admirer doesn't seem to like this new guy, and vice visa.. Karin seems to feel a connection with the new, handsome guy. What is this connection? What could it be? And why is Vincent staring so intensely at her when he first appears in school? And what will Jacob do? Jill Francis, a rival, wants both Jacob and Vincent for herself! Will Jill be victorous? Or will Karin win, and get the guy of her dreams. And what other surpises will be known, that Vincent seems to know of. And why is Jacob acting strange? 1st pov Rating Teen Complete!

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Chapter 1, The Feeling

White or Black Wings


White or Black Wings

Ruth Minamino


Chapter 1: The feeling

It was a cold night, when I came home from work. I was so tried. Working, and trying to go to school was hard, since I didn't have parents. I was seventeen, and living alone. When my parents died, I was 16, a year ago they died in a car wreak. I was in the car also, but somehow I lived, and the thing is, I don't remember how I got out of the car, before it exploded. I know, I was in the back seat, my parents were talking, and cutting up, laughing, talking about that day. I was laughing with them. When, somehow, my dad, couldn't control the car, it was like it was being controlled.

When, we crashed I was knocked out, and when I woke up I wasn't in the car, and when I looked, the car was in a firey blaze. All I heard was my heartbeating. I didn't notice the EMT's, the firemen, or the police. When I was in the hospital, the doctors, and nurses, were talking about how I was untouched. They said it was a miracle. I didn't think it was. Since, a year went by, I got a job, and worked after school. The police said the car had a malfunction, which is still unknown what cause it, but since time passed, it was closed, as a accident. I believed it so, at the time.

I live in a small apartment. I lost the house, since I couldn't pay the bills. We had a two story house on East Ave. My dad build it before I was born. Mom was proud of it, and me she said, I remembered. She was always proud of me, whenever I got a good grade in any subject. Now, I am a junior, I was suppose to be a senior, but since the "accident" happened, I missed a lot of school, and I have to repeat the same grade. I don't mind. Oh, I forgot to tell you my name. My name is, Karin Smith. I go to Saint Micheals high school. The Government help pays for the school some, until I graduate.

In school, I mostly kept out of trouble, and try to be nice to everyone. Everyone's nice to me, well, except one person. Her name is, Jill Francis. She is one of those girls, who's snobby, and rich. She also has a "group" that follows her. By "group" I mean two other girls, who are just there cause she's rich. One day in school, the most popular boy, noticed me, for some reason, even I don't know how or why, and he became one of my friends. Even though, he's handsome, I don't feel for him in that way.

His name is, Jacob Gillis, and he's the object of every girls affection, especially, Jill's. Jacob had long brown hair just pass his ears, and brown eyes. Jill has tried numerous times asking him to go out with her, every time, denied. One day in school, I was at my locker, and Jacob was with me at my locker.


"How are you feeling, today?" He always asks me. "Fine. Why do you ask me that? Everyday?" I asked. Jacob, puts his hand to his heart, "Can I worry about you, Karin? My dearest friend?". I slightly chuckled, closing my locker door, "I guess. But you don't have to ask me everyday, Jacob. I'm fine.". Jacob, flashes a beautiful smile, that melts everyone's heart, "Ok, I'll try. I'll be more satisfied if you were my girlfriend. That way I can protect whenever you want me too.". I heard awws and ohhs from girls and guys that were watching us in the hall, like vultures.

I, couldn't help but, blush. Jacob notices my red face, "Am I winning you over?". "No!" as I clear my throat, going into our classroom, Jacob follows behind me like a lost pup. Class started. Mrs. Folkern, the teacher announced to the class, "Students! We have a new student today, Please welcome, Vincent Kaine.". Than a guy came in wearing a long black jacket. Every girl gasps in amazement. I wasn't looking at him, until "Psst! Karin" I heard Jacob, behind me, pecking on my shoulder.

I, looked at the new student, and saw him staring at me. His ice blue eyes drowned me into them. He has long black hair to his lower back, which he had tied back, with his long bangs just pass his chin. Tall, perfect body, even if he wore that long Jacket you could still tell it, beautiful face.. I quickly looked away. Everyone, was staring at me, then they look back at him. "You may take a seat somewhere that's not taken, Mr. Kaine." Mrs. Folkern said.

I looked again watching him. He made his way to the row I was in, then walked next to me, and sat at the window still next to me! I freaked out, looking down at my desk, why was he looking at me? Why is he sitting there? Next to me? That's not a seat! I said in my head. I felt a burning sensation, as though someone's watching you. I ignored it, and went on with the class, doing lessons, wondering why a guy like him had any interest in me?

After class, it was lunchtime. I was still at my desk looking down, wondering if he was still watching me, and why didn't the teacher make him move? I couldn't look at him, I was, terrified! At such a beautiful man, next to me. Jacob sat in his seat waiting for me to move, "Karin? You wanna go eat? It's my treat as always." I heard him, and nodded, "Yes." I finally moved, and looked at the window as I stand. He was still there! But, he was leaned back, like he was sleeping.


A few girls, walked up close to him. "He's so strange." one said quietly. "He's gorgeous!" another shrieked. Waking him up! He opened his eyes at them. They quickly ran away. Leaving me in plain sight, as he stares at me with those beautiful ice eyes. I was looking, I couldn't look away this time, it was like I was in a trance, a trance. "Hey, Karin" Jacob snapped his fingers in front of my face. I still couldn't look away. Jacob, snaps again "Hey!". Then Vincent looked away, breaking the stare contest. I snapped out, "Huh?" then looked at Jacob. Jacob was glaring at Vincent.


"Hey Jacob!" Jill yelled into the classroom. Jacob looked at her, "What now?" Jill came in and walked up to Jacob, then noticed Vincent at the window. "Well, who's this hottie?" Jill teased. My guess trying to make Jacob jealous again, which she does even without him being around, any hot guy will do. I looked at Vincent which was looking out the window, in silence. Jill, approached him, leaning closer to him, "I asked you a question, hottie!" I was getting annoyed by her antics, which is unusual, I really couldn't care less, until now. "He doesn't want to talk to you, so leave him be!" I yelled without noticing.

Jill, backed off then got into my face, "Who are you his keeper or something!" Then grabbed my shirt and ripped it some, "Oh Opps!" she said laughing as she began to leave. Exposing my bra. I gasped, then grabbed my shirt covering, shutting my eyes. Jacob boils "Jill, you went to far!" taking off his Jacket. Jill, laughs, exiting. I felt a jacket being draped around me. I opened my eyes, expecting it to be, Jacob, but it was Vincent instead, peering down at me, with sorrowful eyes. Jacob, was in a hateful shock with his jacket ready in his hands.

"Thank you, Vincent." I finally bealted out. Vincent, gave a smile, "Your welcome, Karin." His voice was deep, and it shook my very heart to it's core. I was in love, my eyes sparking, somehow I wasn't scared, but I felt wonderful. I blushed, looking down, "So... Could we be friends?". "Um, Karin?" Jacob interrupted. I looked up and saw Vincent gone.. "Huh? Where did he go?!" I looked around seeing no one but Jacob and I. Jacob, puts his Jacket back on, grumbling, "Rude. He left, as soon as you looked down. I already don't like him! How could he be so rude to you!" I, looked down at Vincent's jacket, I could feel his body heat left over in it, and smelt his scent. I felt My heart beating faster, as I wrapped the jacket tighter, hugging it. Jacob, watched me, without saying anything. I knew he was furious.

After school, I didn't have anymore classes with Vincent, at least I don't think. Girls, in the school, was asking each other where was he? Was he in this class or another? No one didn't see him. Jacob, and I, walked to our lockers, I still had on Vincents jacket, I couldn't take it off. "Why do you still have his jacket on? Take it off!" Jacob said, annoyed. "No! I can't!' I said, opening my locker door, putting away my books. Jacob, grumbles, as he did the same at his locker a few lockers down. "What was that?" I said, trying to get him to say what he was grumbling. Jacob, shuts his door, looking at me, with a smile "Nothing. Do you want me to walk you home?". I told him "No, I'll be fine. Besides it's not that far.". Jacob, waves, as he left. I stood at my locker a few minutes thinking of Vincent. Where is he? Why did he leave? Did he leave? As I walk home, I felt if there was something watching me, but when I looked around, I saw nothing. It must of been my imagination.

Somehow, I was hoping it was Vincent following me, but no. I chuckled, as I unlocked my apartment door, No way, he would be following me. As I walked into my darken room. I noticed something standing at the window, a figure shadow, a tall one. I flipped on the lights, nothing was there. I was reluctant to take off Vincents jacket. I was afraid to, I felt so comfortable with it on. I still smelt him on it. I inhaled his smell so many times. Such a good smell. But, I took it off, and took a shower. I got ready for bed. Before I sleep, I usually read a book, until I can't stand it. But, instead, I fell asleep easily.. I didn't notice, but I slept on Vincents jacket, until I awoke the next morning.

End of Chapter 1...... Please look forward to Chapter 2: The Jacket!

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