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Love of Bloodsuckers

by rmr34

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1st pov Ongoing! 16+ (A bit smutty in later chapters) Lack of details. Please over look and use your imagation and enjoy. Nami meets the perfect man, Lin but...

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Chapter 1, LoB Chapter 1

Love of Bloodsuckers


Love of Bloodsuckers
Ruth Minamino
Chapter 1

 It was getting dark when I was walking home, that night. I was going home after work. I always feel awkward walking at night, alone. Oh, please don't let a pervert stalk me or rape me, I thought walking down a dark street. Only a few street lights, and the full moon lighted the way. My name is Nami Yasuki. I go to college and work part time after classes.

  When I go home at night, to my one room apartment, I pass a big mansion on the other side of the road. It's kind of odd. It's been there, for a long time I guess. It has been abandoned for years, I was told by my landlady. I stopped and looked at it. Usually no one lived there, but lights were on. 

 "Candle lights?" I said, looking at the mansion. It looks eerie at night, and eerie in the daytime also. Did someone move in?, I thought. I saw some shadows move inside. I counted, 1, 2, and 3 shadows. So, someone did move in. I wonder if I'll meet them, in the morning?

 I went into my apartment. I studied for a test, that was tomorrow. I sighed as I sat down, and read the book. I have been having a little trouble in, Physics, and I need to pass this exam to build my grade back up. If I don't I'll have to retake it. Then I heard a scream. I suddenly jumped, "What the?!". I looked out my window, and saw nothing. "Hm, must be my imagination, or the studying." I laughed as I went back to study.

  Suddenly I felt a presence. I looked around, nothing. I went back to studying. Again I felt something, I looked at the window, and saw nothing but darkness. I put it off as my mind playing tricks on me. After studying, I took a shower, and got ready for bed. As I try to sleep, I heard noises, eerie sounds. I finally fell asleep.

 "Did you hear noises last night?" I asked a neighbor, as I lock my door, about to leave for classes. "No, I didn't." the lady replied. "Oh, it must of been my imagination then. Sorry for the trouble, Bye!" I said, waving as I walk to classes. "It's ok." the lady yelled.  

 I passed my exam. The teacher said I barely passed, but I still need to improve. "That's great." I mumbled as I cleaned off a table at work. It's a regular diner. "It gets dark early, now." one of the customer said. "Yeah. Thank you and Come again!" I laughed. The customer leaves, laughing.

 I went to another table, to clean it. I heard the bell chime, when the door opens. "Welcome!" I yelled as I put dirty glasses in the busboy bin. No one reply. I felt as though there was someone behind me. I looked and saw nothing. "Mm, I thought someone came in?" I said, then I went back to cleaning the table, and thought it was my imagination again.

 I walked home that night, thinking, am I going crazy or something? I looked up at the night sky. I stopped. The stars were twinkling. "So pretty." I said softly. 

 I saw something fly across the sky. "Cool. Is that a bat?" I asked myself. "Yes." a deep voice replied. I quickly looked around. I saw a figure standing against the wall from me.

  The tall figure, was dressed in black. His hair was long and black. I couldn't see his face. "Yes, I thought so. Thank you. Bye!" I said, walking quickly away to home. He might be a pervert or something, I thought. I looked back and he was gone. "Huh?!" I said stopping. He's gone! 

 Then I heard a squeaking noise from above. I looked, and saw two bats hanging upside down from a pipe. "Well, aren't you two cute." I laughed, walking away. At least it was bats instead of perverts, I thought. 

 I got home, with bats squeaking above me. I looked up, unlocking my door, and saw two bats flying around in the sky. Then they landed on the roof of the old mansion. Candle lights were flickering inside. I walked into my apartment, locking the door behind me. 

 I wonder who was that guy, I thought as I got ready for bed. He disappeared before I could ask him anything. As I try to sleep, more eerie sounds were heard from the mansion, and outside.

End of Chapter 1...... 


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